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Weekly Schedule

Remember RE-SUBMIT. If you get back a homework with errors and without a grade it means it has not been graded - you need to fix and resubmit to get a grade.

Homework is due by May 5th. Next week is open lab week. I will be in the lab from 11 to 1:40 or 2ish on Monday, 9:30 to 2 and off and on until 4 or 5 on Tuesday and Thursday. Erik will be in the lab at about the same time.

Week Information
Information: Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I am going to try to stay with the text to some degree but... The important thing is to follow the topics in the week of. We are using VB 2012 in the labs and the book comes with the Express Version. You can get other versions through MSDN. Check the schedule several times a week, I may add some things during the week. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Week #15
Week of May 2nd
Your final is due on Tuesday, May 10th at 12:45PM. Points will be taken off if it is late.
Your final is an individual project. The only one you can ask questions of is me. I would suggest that you look over the final and ask questions this week during lab time. After this week the questions will be via email. Remember that the status sheet is a requirement. Let me know if you spot a problem.
Final Exam CIS156
Required status sheet
Week #14
Week of April 25th
Erik will be available Monday from 4 to 6:30, Tuesday from 2 to 5 and Thursday from 2 - 4. I will be around Tues afternoon from 2 until at least 4 probably later. Thursday I have a meeting at 2 and will be available after the meeting. I will also need to come and go for advisement.
The final is an online final that will be posted one week before the due date.
Please read:
Start Web Matrix
ASP and Razor
Some examples (more to the side of this page)
Working with data
There is information about web matrix under examples and under smartboard.
Check back! Your final is a take home final that will be posted one week before the final.
Required status sheet
Web Matrix assignment:
1) Do 4 programs (they can be done with multiple forms for one project) where you try some things in VBHTML.
2) Do 3 programs where you try some things in ASPX.
4) Create a database using SQL Server within Web Matrix. I would like two tables created and populated.
4a) Write a program to do a calculation and include an if and display information on a form.
4b} Then display information from one table on a grid.
4c) Finally display information from the two tables combined.
Week #13
Week of April 18th
Erik will be available on Tues from 2 to 5:30 and Thurs from 2 to 6. I will be around at 10 Wednesday and Tues and Thurs from 2 to 4ish with type out for advising etc... Please read chapter #11 and again check out the tutorials and examples. Examples
Please bring the text book to class this week.
Check back!
Web notes from your text
You need to do Kayak tutorial and the one following it to get a second page. You can choose to do your own design but it must be similiar.
Kayak assignment
Kayak demo
You need to link to a SQLServer database (can use one of mine) and display the information in a grid and in individual cells. Somthing similar to the two tutorials in the above pdf.
Week #12
Week of April 11th
Erik will be available on Tues from 2 to 5:30 and Thurs from 2 to 6. I will be around at 10 Monday and after my class on Monday (1:45) for a little while. I will be around Tues after 3:30 (maybe earlier) and Thurs in between advising.
This week we will continue with databases (SQL Server and VB). Be sure to read chapter 10 and check out the tutorials and examples.
SQL Server Presentations (pdf) Examples examples All worked on my computer but...
Please check back.
I want you to experiment with SQLServer and VB. You can use my SQLServer databases or develop your own. I want the following as you experiment (one or more programs):
1) use a grid, use all fields, use individual fields
2) update a table
3) use multiple tables
4) use a couple of SQL queries - try multiple queries in one program
Note on SQL Server About queries in SQL Server
Week #11
Week of April 4th
We will go back to our regular tutoring schedule with Erik planning on Monday from 4:30 to 7, Tues from 2 to 4 and Thus from 2 to 5. I will be available Tues and Thurs around 2 for a few hours (unless I get a meeting I have to go to).
Do try to go over and check out the career fair.
We have three guest speakers coming in on Tuesday to my 11:00 class (room K101) to talk about careers in IT. Everyone is welcome if they would like to attend.
I would like you to go over chapter #9 - writing files.
We will start looking at working with a database - this week we will look at Access. If you do not know Access there are examples at my CIS120 site and obviously lots on line. The examples we are looking at are ADO using Access.
Check back!
Payroll database example for you to develop and populate
You can write separate programs, use buttons to access different procedures or have one problem solved and the rest commented out. Note you cannot use the wizard. First: Write the SQL query within VB (using VB code) to access information from one table using the following criteria: conditionA and either conditionB or conditionC. Display the results in a grid.
Second: Write the SQL query within VB that does a grouping by department number and shows the sum of the salary for each group.
Third: Write a program that uses two tables and shows the employee number, employee name, department number, department name. Do it using a one select that combines the information from the two tables.
Fourth: Write a program that shows employee number and employee name in text boxes and then shows the information from the EmployeeProject table in a grid. Have a match button that will match the employee number and just show the project information for that employee.
Week #10
Week of March 28th
I will not be in class this week - it will be an online class. Erik will be there to help and answer questions. Erik will be available Monday from 11 to 1:30 Tues from 11 to 3 in K101 and 11 to 2:30 in K101.
Message I received from Pat Condon: "Meditech will be attending the April 4th Job Fair (they have jobs and are hiring May 2016 Grads) Recruiters are looking for CIS students."
Check back!
Week #9
Week of March 21st
The week of March 14th was vacation/catch up week.
The week of March 28th is a hybrid week - I have asked Erik to be available for labs during class time - check back for more information. I will be available for online help and online office hours.
This week, we will continue with arrays. Erik will be available Tuesday from 2 to 6 and Thursday from 2 to 5:30. I will be available some of those times as well.
Reading wise you should have read through chapter #8. Please read chapter #9 as well.
Some programs/answers to questions: (an approach to the extra credit) quick draft Another type of two dim array
Another version of bubble sort
I want you to write a program that will meet the following specifications:
1) Set up a structure with multiple types of data that will be used as the type for an array the structure should have a dept number, a dept name and a dept budget
2) The dept numbers should be something like 11, 18, 29, 33, 36, 38, 41, 44, 47 (note there are significant gaps between the numbers)
3) You should take in a dept number from the user and use it to access the department name and the department budget - write your own search to find the information
4) Use redim to establish the size of the array
5) Use redim preserve to increase the size of the array and add to the populating data
Multiple forms, menus and modules assignment: I want you to write a program that uses multiple forms and one of the forms should have a menu. Set up modules as well. Pass information from one form for display on the other form. Experiment with both modal and modeless.
Week #8
Week of March 7th
Erik is planning on Monday from 4:30 to 7, Tues from 2 to 4 and Thus from 2 to 5. I will be available Tues and Thurs around 2 for a few hours (unless I get a meeting I have to go to).
This week we are going to continue with arrays under VB.Net. If you have not downloaded them and the arrays under the 2012 set, please do.
We are going to focus on arrays in chapter #8 and then go back next week to chapter #7.
We are going to look at sorting so we will go over these presentations:
Notes on top down sort
Notes on bubble sort
Topdown sort
    Separate speaker notes to accompany topdown sort
Bubble sort
    Separate speaker notes to accompany bubble sort
There are other presentations under arrays to go with VB.NET examples.
Mod11 explanation
Array Assignment
Topdown Sort: I want you to code a top down sort in the way that I coded the bubble sort. I will reassign this after break but I figured I would let you know now in case you want to play with it.
Week #7
Week of February 29th
Erik had car problems so he is doing Tues and Thurs from 2 to 6. I will be available Mon and Thurs around 2, Thurs around 3 and Mon at 10 (K112), I think!
We are going to look at standard VB functions that can be used in a program (under VB functions).
This week we will look at procedures and functions so please read chapter #6.
Check back!
Next I am skipping to arrays and I am looking first under the basic examples I have under under VB.NET.
VB function and loop assignment
Week #6
Week of February 22nd
Erik is planning on Monday from 4:30 to 7, Tues from 2 to 4 and Thus from 2 to 5. I will be available Tues and Thurs around 2 for a few hours (unless I get a meeting I have to go to) and Monday at 10 (K112).
I want to look at boxes and guess game under chapter #5.
I want to look at some things under VB.NET; First is the that I listed last week. Breaks and validation code (zipped) I want you to look at the project check and the break programs.
Notes on breaks
Fix the Minor/Intermediate/Major program under Loops and Breaks under VB.NET so that you only have to click once to see all of the data. Here are copies of the two break programs if you can't find them at the original source:
VB project we will hopefully start in class
Check back.
Week #5
Week of February 15th
I will be available for help Thursday around 3.
Loops are our next topic! I want to look at the intro one under chap 5 called basicLoops and I want to look at a series of programs involving Faculty and muffins that are in this zip - you have to keep clicking to get the muffin one.
Rock, Paper, Scissors Assignment Write the program and please include accumulators to report number of games user won, number of games computer won and number of ties.
Week #4
Week of February 8th
Erik will be available Monday at 4:30 - 6:30 weather permitting, Tuesday from to 2 to 6 and Thursday from 2 to 5:30. Try K101 and then if he is not there check with the help desk.
Please go through all the examples for chapter #4 and chapter #5.
We will also take a look at loops when I come back, but if you look at the examples first, that will help..
Some help with decision problems from chapter 4
Insurance assignment
Information on writing a file:
If examples with files (word version)
Check back!
Week #3
Week of February 1st
I will be available in my office at 10:00 on Monday (K112) and I will drop in on some of the review/help labs as well. This week the help labs will be: Monday from 5 to 7 and that will be in the main K building lab - ask for Erik at the help desk, and Tuesday from 2 - 5:30 starting in K101 but moving if there is a class scheduled - check with the help desk if you cannot find Erik, and Thursday from 2-5 again starting in K101 and potentially moving but the help desk will know where he is. Remember Erik was hired to work with CIS120. but since he is taking CIS156, I figure...
We are going to start looking at chapter #4 and if statements. If you have any questions from what we went over Thursday, please ask!
In Class IF assignments - everyone needs to do this and in fact all assignments posted under assignments
IF assignment
Week #2
Week of January 25th
I will be available Monday at 10 in my office K112 and Tuesday and Thursday at 2 in K101 (hopefully, but we may need to find another room).
Finish chapter #2 and then read chapter #3. We will slow down the chapter pace now...
Additional notes on the first few examples:
Our goal is to finish the examples under chapter #3 this week. If we have time, we will start to look at if statements. Below is a presentation on the structure of IF statements.
Presentation on logical if structures - review
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
Trips to IT locations Updated Information:
Updated information on iRobot and a second change the time they are leaving is now 8:30
Updated information on Microsoft
Homework is due the Thursday of the week following the assignment. So assignments for this week are due Feb 4th by midnight.
Visual Basic program week #2 After we have looked at if statements, go back and modify this program to use IF statements to test quantity. Need to pass both versions in but they are separate grades so you can pass them in at different times - I would like the IF statement version by Feb 11th .
Quiz for Thursday (due with homework by Feb 4th): Quiz #1 (zipped file)
Week #1
Week of January 18th
This course will use Visual Basic 2012. Some of the examples were written in 2010 and I checked many of them in VB2012 and found no problems.
Read chapter #1 in the text, I would also start to read chapter #2. Note there was a mixup with the book order so the book maybe a little late, we will deal.
You should be looking at the beginning examples and programs. There are also examples written in .NET that will run as well. They are accompanied by PowerPoint explanations. Again, note while the .NET code works, there are development differences. The software for this course is available through the text and it is also available through the Dreamspark. You should have received an invitation to Dreamspark, if not, you will receive it soon. You can also download Visual Studio Express for desktops for free.
Assignments are due by Thursday at midnight on the week after they were assigned. This assignment is due by midnight on January 28th.
For your first VB assignment, I want you to:
a) use labels, textboxes and buttons
b) have at least one button to process, one button to clear and one to end
c) do a couple of calculations (one should be an add)
d) format the form (things like color, font)
e) define and use a variable
f) include something else from the book or from other examples I have posted


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