Systems Analysis and Design Seminar (CIS270/54)

Weekly Schedule

Your final is scheduled for Tuesday, August 16th. You need to let me know when you are ready for the final since there is a lot of work left to do. Work may be passed in through Aug 22nd.

Schedule by week Information to cover
PowerPoint Presentations: Free PowerPoint viewer for 97,2000,2002 users
Note that the speaker notes are provided on a separate Word document if you are having trouble accessing them! You should check the schedule multiple times a week, sometimes I add things during the week. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Unit #13/Unit #14 Assignments Catch up week.
Be sure you have read the entire textbook including the things at the back of the book, the appendix.
Finish up portfolio, projects and New Century.
Contact me when you are ready for the final.
Unit #12 Please be sure you have read the entire book - your final will definately be easier if you have.
The dairy project should include the following documentation: description of the system, DFD, systems flowchart, programs (list all and document 1), files (list and layout fields for all and document 1 (dictionary)), reports (list and layout fields for all and document 1 (dictionary)), input (list and layout for all document 1). I also want an implementation plan. Documentation information can be found at: Documentation
Unit #11 Read chapter #10 - we will not cover it this week but I want to keep you reading one chapter at a time, so...
We need to start getting me the systems flowchart for the dairy. When that is set, I want you to pull together a documentation package that will include the listing of input and output and files, the DFD, the systems flowchart and documentation. We will talk about what that means this week.
Evaluate two of the software packages I asked you to find. You want to understand what functions they can accomplish (payroll, order entry, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory etc.). You want to look at them related to the business notes I had you read and your own experience and evaluate whether they would work for a small company trying to set up a portion of their business with this software. Look at ease of use, whether the package works, whether it is flexible, whether in fact you could recommend it to a client.
Unit #10 This week we will continue looking at systems design including systems flowcharts and talking about some standard business systems.
Please read chapter #9 in the text.
Read the information on Systems Analysis and Design Toolkits (if you haven't already) up through part #4 with special focus on PERT/CPM charts - you will also find notes at the site on this topic.
Keep in touch, this tends to be a place where people need some discussion.
Pert/CPM assignment We worked on this in class so if you were in class, you do not need to pass it in - extra credit if you finish the project and pass it in.
I want you to continue working on the dairy system. This week I want you to draw the systems flowchart and explain briefly what each of the programs does.
Continue with New Century Health Clinic.
Unit #9 Please read chapter #9 in the text and start into the next chapter. We will still continue studying design, databases, IO etc.
Dairy Project:
First, you need to design a DFD for this project and I want you to draw one.
Second, we are going to decide on the storage/database etc that will be needed. I want you to make a list of tables in third normal form including keys/indexes.
(Be sure to include fields)
Continue with New Century Health Clinic.
Start working on the portfolio.
Unit #8 Please read chapter #8 in the text. We will continue studying design, databases, IO etc.
Dog Store Database assignment
Dairy System
We will be working on this via email for a couple of weeks. I would suggest that you make some time to go over this with me through email conversation or in person.
First, I want you to decide on the output and input that would be produce and give me a list.
Continue with New Century Health Clinic.
Unit #7 Please read chapter #7 in the text.
You should spend this week being sure you are comfortable with Access, relational databases and normalization - hopefully the assignment will have introduced you to the concepts.
Sorry I have gotten behind in correcting - we all need to work on this - you getting assignments in and me getting them back!
Assignments: Credit Union Assignment
Continue with New Century Health Clinic.
Unit #6 Please read chapter #6 in the text. You should also look at the additional information about relational databases and normalization at this site and on resources on the web and spend time on that this unit.
Since most of you are comfortable with Access (if you aren't be sure to look at the Access tutorials), I am going to ask you to start thinking about normalization as you follow these two example/tutorials.
Assignments: Using Access, I want you to create the following two databases:
Student database example
Payroll database example
Continue working on the New Century Health Clinic at the end of the chapter.
Check back!
Unit #5 You can get books related to this course from the BCC LRC on line if you are looking for things to supplement. Contact the LRC and ask about how! This week we are going to spend time on DFD diagrams.
Please go over the Systems Analysis and Design Toolkits for Communication Tools, Case Tools and Financial Analysis Tools in your textbook.
Be sure to check for notes under notes and handouts that would be helpful in understanding the analysis phrase.
I decided to wait until next week to assign chapter #6.
Analysis/Powerpoint assignment
Tickets DFD assignment
You need to send me a draft of your design and we need to go back and forth. So, to do this I would like you to set up a google doc account and put your draft up there and invite me to go in and comment.
Unit #4 Please read chapter #5 in the text.
We will start focusing on Data Flow Diagrams.
I want you to spend a lot of time going over the examples in the text (chapter #4) and the example out on one of my presentations very carefully. Be sure you understand them.
I want you to do a Data Flow diagram for something you are familiar with. Processes that you do at work would be ideal. Put together a diagram and send it to me with an explanation. I am not going to grade this assignment, I am just going to check it off (maybe a check plus for more details).
Continue answering the questions about the New Century Health Clinic at the end of the chapters. At the end of the semester, you should have worked your way through the complete case.
I want you to find two software packages that could be used in a business environment to work with. I will ask you to evaluate them later in the semester.
Unit #3 As you have probably gathered, we will use the text book as only one of our resources to understand what analyzing a system is about. This week I would like you to read chapter #4 in the text book.
I want you to look at decision tables this week. Please read the information posted under notes and handouts and do some research on the web. I also want you to look at the information about data flow diagrams very carefully and I would also like you to research them on the web as well. We will look at them both this week and next.
Decision Table assignment
I want you to continue working on the New Century Health Clinic project in the back of the chapters. This project will span the semester.
Unit #2 Remember that this is a capstone course - you should keep a portfolio of your work to pass in at the end of semester (it should be web based). I would like you to upload samples of things you have done during your studies in this major. We will look more at your final portfolio later in the semester.
Read chapter #3 in the text.
I would like you to do some reading about copyright and fair use. Some suggested sites are:
University of Maryland Copyright and Fair Use
Stanford Copyright and Fair Use
Copyright crash course
Medical Library Association on copyright and fair use
I would also like you to read some information on computer ethics:
The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics
ACM code of ethics
Computer Ethics (explore some of the information at this site)
Please take this quiz. This is a check off assignment and not a graded assignment so be honest and test yourself. Tell me which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong.
Quiz on copyright and fair use
Write a short paper explaining copyright, fair use and ethics in a way that could be put in a company handbook.
Unit #1 There are 15 weeks during the semester, in the summer I will put up 15 units. You can stagger them as you need to as long as they are all done at the end of the semester.
Read chapter #1 and #2 in the text. I can ask the bookstore to order the text if you need me to, but since I believe there are only one or two people taking the course I would suggest an online purchase. Explore some of the information and resources at the text book site.
Text book site
Part of your work this semester will be to prepare a portfolio of your work. You should spend some time this week looking at sites that talk about what should be part of an electronic portfolio and figuring out what you want to have in yours.
While you are getting the textbook, please start with some research on ecommerce and some review of spreadsheets. If you are not comfortable with spreadsheets and need more information, let me know and I will find a text book for you to use.
First e-commerce assignment: eCommerce
Spreadsheet assignment: Southworth Nursery spreadsheet due in two weeks to give you time to review Excel
At the end of each chapter there is a project called New Century Health Clinic. I want you to do the questions associated with the chapters you are reading. Since there are two chapters this unit, and you may not have a book yet you can postpone this assignment a little, but you need to keep working on it at on a steady basis.

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