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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Week #15
Week of December 11th
I will take a couple of things on Monday - since some are coming in - I will not take anything after Monday. On Thursday we will wrap things up. If you have a web site up and working, please plan to show it. If you are doing distance learning, it would be great if you send me the address so I can share. Your final is scheduled for 2:45 on Dec 20th. I would really appreciate it if I got it ahead of time!
If you do not have the final in by the scheduled time, you need to send it to the usual address, to and to another address I will email to you. I am also emailing you the final on 12/12/06. If you do not get the email, please contact me. Actually, please confirm that you got the final via email!
Status Sheet

Week #14
Week of December 4th
This week will be mainly catchup - Next Thursday, I want to show you a few things and show your web sites! We will not have a class on the 7th, I have to go to a off campus meeting. Use the time to continue getting caught up.
Week #13
Week of November 27th
We will finish looking at JavaScript this Thursday. I want you to experiment with a package/application that allows you to create a website. We are going to look at Netscape Composer in class (I used Netscape version 7.2). Check back! Assignments:
Your assignment is to experiment with either Netscape Composer or another package that allows you to create a web page. Obviously I would like you to work with something new that you have not experimented with. Create a web page using 12 different elements such as table, image, link, list etc.
Week #12
Week of November 20th
We will wrap up most of the JavaScript examples this week. Please take a look at them and make sure you are comfortable with the ideas of loops, checkboxes and radio buttons, arrays and primitive animation.
I am posting the last JavaScript Quiz and an assignment to write your own JavaScript so you will have them if you want to work on them during time off. Take your time and continue wrapping up JavaScript for the next few weeks.
Fourth and last JavaScript quiz
JavaScript assignment: JavaScript write your own quiz assignment
Week #11
Week of November 13th
Thanks to everyone who came to the speech - it was wonderful to have such a great audience!
Advisement starts this week. I will be available for online advisement on Monday from 9-10 and then on campus accourding to the signup on my door. You can also email me or IM me for advisement.
Continue going through the JavaScript examples - we will look at arrays.
The wiki needs some work - changes are being made but there is a long way to go... Some have done a lot, others... not so much... If you want credit for the wiki assignment a lot of you need to impress me more than you have! So...
The next step in the assignment is to download the page and finish the fixes on your own. You need to send me a working version of the page.
Third JavaScript quiz
Week #10
Week of November 6th
Next Tuesday, Igor Kholodov is coming to speak to CIS students at 10:00 - room to be announced. Anyone that comes and then gives me a short statement about what was said will get extra credit. Igor Kholodov is a programmer that developed a board game on learning programming and then went thru the process of learning how to go into business to develop and market the game. He was written up in wired and it sounds like he has an interesting story to share - please try to come!
We will continue with JavaScript. Please look at loops and continuing looking at the examples.
Assignments to turn in:
Second quiz - we will work on it during class
Second Web Project In addition, I want you to include audio at your site if possible. If the site you are using does not allow audio, then send me a web page with audio and I will test it. This assignment is due one week before the end of classes.
Look ahead (next weeks assignment): Third JavaScript quiz
Week #9
Week of October 30th
I have added a few more things to the Cis44 site for you to check out - help with assignments and also ideas for your blog readings. Links and resources at
If you are not comfortable with if logic, you should look at the following presentation carefully, otherwise you can just use it for the assignment.
Presentation on logical if structures
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
Simple IF
Simple IF ELSE
Simple IF AND
Assignments to turn in:
Java Script Quiz #1some started it last week and it is listed both places
Using the PowerPoint presentation and the three samples that accompany it as a guide, I want you to write the JavaScript for three other examples in the PowerPoint. Send me the working programs. For in class students, this will be done during class.
Evaluation and research assignment. Note there may be some dead links but there are enough so you can work around it.
Week #8
Week of October 23rd
I will be out on Tuesday - at a conference. We will continue with JavaScript on Thursday.
Don't worry about validation - we will discuss this later.
I am away at a conference from Friday (10/20) through Wednesday (10/25)so no email help available! I have had upload problems so the audio for the week of October 16th has not gone up yet.
We started looking at the first JavaScript function sets called passfunc - we have looked at the examples prior to that last week and this week.
This week you should send me the address of the blog where you have been putting the report on the three articles a week for check off. This week and next, I am asking you to read these six articles and report on them at your blog:
Prototyoing on accessibility
Content management
Assignments to turn in:
JavaScript Events Assignment
Java Script Quiz #1 We started working on this this week and will continue looking at in in class next week.
Week #7
Week of October 16th
I want to take some time to discuss what makes a good web sites and do some evaluating.
This example may help with last weeks assignment: Embedded list example
This looks like another interesting source for information about CSS:
and another Looks interesting...
and still another More CSS...
Here is the address for validating CSS: W3C CSS Validation Service
The part of JavaScript we will start with this week is JavaScript Events. Be sure to look at the samples under the topic JavaScript Events and the PowerPoint about JavaScript events.
We will then start looking at some other JavaScript examples.
Recommended book: Programming the Web Using XHTML and JAVASCRIPT by Larry Randles Lagerstrom (McGraw-Hill ISBN # 0-07-256031-2)
You should be finding a tutorial on the Web or acquiring a book on JavaScript if you did not buy the recommended book. The recommended book is a reference book - you should use at this point to help with JavaScript.
Assignments to turn in:
Your evaluation assignment is at: Evaluation Blog Respond at the blog and send me a copy of your comments in a word document. An invitation to join the blog has been sent to your BCC account. Only members are allowed to post comments.
CSS Assignment (due in two weeks)
Extra credit if you get it to validate in XHTML.
Check back!
Week #6
Week of October 9th
This week I will not be able to have the open labs - Tuesday is Monday's schedule and I have to go to a meeting on Thursday. Marissa will be available at 3:00 on Thursday in K101 I believe.
NAG #1: You need to get some changes made to the Wiki in your name to try to get a working product - your evaluation is on the contribution you make - the original had to be done by Oct 1st, but now it has to be finished up. I want a working product that looks like the original and validates strict.
NAG #2: Please post your blog address on the class blog so others can get ideas for articles and while you are there, post answers to my questions.
We are working our way through the CSS examples and will finish that this week.
Be sure to look at the examples in XHTML and the PowerPoint presentation.
Look at the examples under CSS (both HTML and XHTML).
You should start looking at web page design and development issues for your log book.
Please set up an area on Brinkster or another provider that you can use for your web site. Brinkster is located at and has free student websites. Look at the information on the smartboard presentation.
I have added an introduction to using Brinkster under the smartboard notes.
You might find the PowerPoints on Sites located under HTML PowerPoints of use at this point.
Be sure to look at the examples that have been posted under CSS sample code (XHTML) and the PowerPoint presentation under Presentations (XHTML).
Looks like an interesting site for CSS information I only explored some things!
Start thinking about your web site. There are two presentations under sites at the following site that might be helpful:
Site Information
We will talk a little about what makes a good site: A starting point for discussion
Assignments to turn in:
First web project - Should be done in 5 weeks
Note that a working web site is required for this course. You cannot pass the course if you do not have a working website written in HTML or XHTML.
Blog Post: Remember to visit the blog and post some discussion on the subject of mapping, images and now frames.
Week #5
Week of October 2nd
You need to deal with the 10 changes to the Wiki by Oct 1st.
The open labs will continue throughout the semester (I may have to change or cancel occasionally.
I got further than I planned last week - we finished frames and looked at mapping. So, this week we did forms and then spend some more time on CSS.
Assignments to turn in:
In last weeks assignment I asked you to post a source for images, backgrounds etc to the board - I meant the blog (I have changed it) - would you please go to the blog this week and post the source. Do it as a comment to my request. By the way, make sure you respond to all of the things I ask for on the blog.
Now the wiki. Remember this is an experiment in collaboration, so... We will experiment. I would like everyone to go back and work on this until it is working - so make some more changes this week - however - no one person should fix everything - everyone should get involved and contribute - let's get past fixing just the uppercase to lowercase etc. The original code and the image it produces are out there. Let's make it a repeated visit thing and try to get it working as a group by the end of October.
Mapping assignment
Form and Syl assignment
I will give you some time to work with this in class on Thursday.
Week #4
Week of September 25th
I am having an open lab for help or questions on Tuesday at 11 and most Thursdays at 3 in K101. Please plan to come if you have questions. If you are real comfortable with what you are doing, I would love to have your assistance in helping others.
I am moving faster than I planned in class so I have actually covered tables and images. I need the class to work their way through this material. You should definately look at the examples and view the souce of the examples. Beyond this you can use presentations, smartboad, audio, and tutorials you find on the web to back up your understanding.
I will be starting frames this week.
There are three assignments this week: one on tables and images and two on frames since we will be looking at frames in class. The first frame assignment will be done in class by in class students.
I have sent you an optional invitation to use instant messaging with me if you feel it would be helpful. I have also sent you a message to become a member of a general class blog. I will use this as the semester progresses, so you should become a member of that.
Please make sure you have looked at this example on embedded lists: Embedded lists
By the end of this week, you should have looked at all of the examples under links, tables and all of the examples under images.
You should also have looked at the PowerPoint Presentations up through images. Presentations
In addition, you should have found and be looking at one or more tutorials on these topics for your log book.
Speaking of log books. I would like one of the articles you read this week to deal with the differences between gif, jpg and png and when each is effective and why.
As always, check back to see how we are doing...
Assignments to turn in:
Assignment on images and tables This should be done with XHTML and it should validate transitional at least. Extra credit if you write code that validates strict
Wiki spaces - be sure you are at CIS44 and follow the instructions at CIS44 home to edit the assignment called editHTML. We will get started on this in class. This assignment has to be started by Oct 1st.
If you do not get the invitations to the class blog or the wiki, you need to contact me.
Introductory assignment on frames this will be done in class if you are there, other students should do it at home or in the labs on their own time.
Extra credit: Can you set up frames so that you do not see the borders? Send me the answer plus an illustration if you are successful before next week!
Frame assignment (due in 2 weeks)
Note an error in the 9th example on borders (from last week), I had layoug instead of layout. I have fixed it.
Please remember that you are required to post your blog of articles on the class blog so other members of the class can check the articles you are reading.
Week #3
Week of September 18th
I have posted several interesting CSS links on the class blog including some links to CSS references.
Last week we looked at linking and spent quite a while on CSS and validation. Next week we will begin the week with tables. You should be sure you have looked at the examples and presentations for this topic. We will also look at images this week. You should look at the examples under CSS style, links, tables and images and you should look at the accompanying PowerPoints.
Assignments to turn in:
Style (CSS) and links assignment
In class practice sheet on some style and table issues Students that are not in class need to experiment with these pages and they also need to post comments on the blog
Week #2
Week of September 11th
I have reserved K-101 for 11:00 on Tuesday for question/help etc., essentially a lab support office hour. So if you want to go over anything, please plan to come at that time. This will be every week unless I post otherwise. If no one is in the lab, I will go back to my office in K-112.
I have had some questions about how to take pictures of screens. The answer can be found at PrintScreen
Finish looking at the examples under XHTML -Intro and look at the second PowerPoint presentation.
Look at the examples under CSS and formatting and look at the third PowerPoint presentation.
Be sure you note what validates and what does not validate as you experiment and try validating with strict and with transitional. You should read something about the difference between strict and transitional for one of your blog entries. Validating issues will continue to haunt us! For one of your articles this week, please do some additional research on validating!
Note that the best source for telling if my examples validated is the PowerPoint presentation or the comments on the listing.
Check back to see how we are doing!
DOCTYPE that seems to work well
Site to use to try and validate your XHTML code
Assignments to turn in:
This will be done in class - if you are not in class please send it to me for a check off
Last week I asked you to create a blog for the articles you read, now I want you to post the address for that blog at the class blog site so other people can find out what articles you think are good and can look for information.
XHTML pages Please pass in via email next week - should pass in the .html version and the .txt version
Be sure to check back - I may add something depending on how we are doing!
Week #1
Week of September 4th
Look at the examples under XHTML - Getting started at: XHTML samples.
Also look at the first PowerPoint that explains the examples. It is located at XHTML presentations.
Note that these sites can be reached by clicking on XHTML sample code and Presentations (XHTML) under Site Resources on the left side of the CIS44 home page.
Next you should look at the first 6 examples under XHTML intro. In addition you should start to look at the second PowerPoint that explains the introduction samples. You only need to go through the PowerPoint to see the explaination for the first 6 examples.
You should familiarize yourself with the site so you can locate information.
In the assignment I gave you two lines of code to put at the beginning of your XHTML code, a more complete version of this is explained below.
These four lines of code which I usually cover a little later in the semester will help you get a clean validation: Code with first 4 lines of XHTML
Separate 4 lines of code in text file
Assignments to turn in:
Although assignments are frequently posted at the beginning of the week, some of the assignments cannot be done until you have covered all the material in the posting. The search engine assignment is something to research on your own, I will not go over the material at this site.
Survey of past experience - must be completed by all students
Blog containing articles you have read for this course.
First XHTML assignment
For extra credit you can work on validating the code using the W3C validator. W3C validator
Don't forget to change the encoding to Western Europe. Please read the following search engine information very completely:
The Pandia Goalgetter: A short and easy Internet search tutorial
After you read the article, take the following quiz (due in two weeks): Search Quiz
Check back several times each week, I sometimes add something so you should check out the schedule as the week progresses!


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