HTML5 samples for CIS122/CIS44 - Internet Developer

Sample HTML5 code Link to retrieve - To see the source code, use View/PageSource or click on the Source icon or right click or...
HTML5 - Intro webheaders5.html (headers)
HTML5headers.html (headers) - warnings charset
HTML5headerscharset.html (headers) - passed
HTML5headersgroup.html (headers) - passed
webhdslist5.html (unordered list) - passed
webordlist5.html (ordered list) - passed
webpara5.html (paragraph) - passed
webparabr5.html (paragraph and break) - passed
webparaspace5.html (paragraph and spaces) - passed
webpara5plusib.html (paragraph) - passed
webdiv5.html (division) - passed
embeddedlists5.html (embedded lists) - passed
nestedlist5.html (embedded lists) - validation problems
wbbordlistsinv5.html (old style lists) - lots of validation problems
definitionlists5.html (definition list) - passed
blockquote5.html (blockquote) - contains one code error
webtextfor5.html (embedded bold etc) - big obsolete
webpre5.html (pre) - passed
CSS (style) - Intro colorCSSnewrev5.html (embedded CSS color) - passed
colorCSSnewrevtop5.html (another version) - passed
colorCSSinhead5.html (another) - passed
outofdatestyling.html (pre CSS style) - many obsolete errors
expercolor5.html (different color concepts) - passed
horizontallineCSSh5.html (horizontal line) - passed
horizontallinegreenCSSh5.html (another line) - passed
horizontallineinlineCSSh5.html (and another...) - passed
Links linkwithinpageid5.html (link within page - using id) - passed
linkwithinpagename5.html (link within page - using name) - passed with warning about name obsolete
linkfrom5.html (links to other pages) - passed
linkfromcolor5.html (color with links) - passed
oldlinkfromcolor5.html (old color with links) - obsolete problems
basicnavbar5.html (basic navigation bar - passed
A few exanmples from CIS120:
Tables introtables5.html (basic table without border) - passed
introtables5.html (basic table with border) - passed
introtables5a.html (basic table older) - passed
introtables5b.html (basic table diff borders) - passed
centertable25.html (centered table) - passed
introtablescenter5.html (centered)- passed
centertablenottext5.html (centered)- passed
centertablecentercss5.html (centered and border CSS) - passed
introtables5alt.html (more on tables)- passed
withcaption5.html (captions) - passed
withformat5.html (format tables)- passed
withformatcont5.html (format tables) - passed
withformatcontalt5.html (alternative)- passed
theadtfoottbody5.html (thead,tfoot,tbody) - passed
tableschedule.html (schedule)- passed
anothertablesched5.html (more schedule)- passed
Images introimagescss51.html - passed
introimages51.html (basic images) - passed
introimages52.html (more images) - passed
introimages53.html (more images) - passed
introimages53a.html (more images) - passed
introimages54.html (more images) - passed
centerallimages.html (centered image - passed
centeredimage.html (centered image) - passed
moreim5.html (linking with images) - passed
backgroundimages.html (background to div) - passed
pagebkimgcolor.html (background to page) - passed
bigim5.html (linking with images) - passed
snow5.html (photo) - passed
Image and hdr
Image and hdr (another)
Mapping mapimage5.html (mapping image) - passed
mapnameid5.html (mapping image) - passed
Forms custForm.html (basic form) - passed
custSelectForm.html (using select) - passed
custFormMore.html (more form) - passed
custFormStillMore.html (still more form) - passed
iframes iframemainver5.html (basic iframe) - passed
iframecontent5.html (info for frames) - passed
iframeother5.html (info for frames) - passed
iframeimg.html (iframe for pages) - passed

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