Notes for CIS270/54 - Systems Analysis and Design Seminar

Notes and handouts Link to retrieve
Notes on analysis and design Notes on systems
Design notes
Revised Design Notes (however still need to check original for notes on controls)
File types
Notes on data dictionaries
Software demos/shareware Information on software demos for this course
Normalization - Relational Database Introduction to third normal form
Contribution system notes
Student data system notes
Notes on basic order entry
Payroll data notes
Medical clinic notes
Text book notes
SQL SQL from Access
Generic notes on SQL
Notes on Access Intro to Access
Intro to Relationships
More on relations and queries
Information on filters
Report writing
Introduction to forms
More information on forms
Data properties
Update queries
Introduction to VB Access
Continuation of VB Access Introduction
If statements in VB Access
More on IF with nesting
Loops in VBAccess
Call and pass in VBAccess
Tools Decision Table notes
Decision Table examples
CPM Notes
Project Manager example
Business systems - notes for discussion Notes on payroll
Notes on accounts receivable
Overview notes - order
Notes on accounts payable
Notes on inventory
General ledger notes
Sample General Ledger set up using MYOB
Sample Documentation of a payroll system
Dairy Information Routing software etc for beverage industry including dairy
Managing the Dairy farm more than selling, but interesting
Site containing information about costing in the dairy industry
Dairy management

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