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Note that the speaker notes are provided on a separate Word document if you are having trouble accessing them!
Week #1 Assignments
Week of June 7th
Recommend you start the course earlier
I recommend that you start this course now rather than waiting until June 7th. This will either give you the chance to take a vacation without impacting the course schedule or give you extra time at the end of the summer to catch up or to take a break before the fall semester starts. I will be out of town from May 28th through June 3rd and I will not be checking my email during that time. I would appreciate it if you would wait until I return to send it work and questions so my email does not clog.
Read chapter #1 and #2 in the text. The text is available from the bookstore or at the text book site.
Explore some of the information and resources at the text book site.
Text book site
I would set up a free email to use for this course, acquiring software requires an email and you will get lots of email responses from the information you provide.
Acquiring software can be done over the next month. Downloading is always risky, so the safest way of doing this is to send away for CDs.
You should also acquire case tool software to experiment with. There is a list of case tools at the text book site and there is a trial version of Visible Analyst that is used in the book available at Visible choose the educational version
Start to acquire some sample software for use later in this course. These are some that I have found, you can look for your own. You should acquire three or four different business software packages. If you see a time period limitation, either wait to download or install. You want the duration to start when you get an assignment.
Information on software demos for this course
First e-commerce assignment: eCommerce due in two weeks
Spreadsheet assignment: Southworth Nursery spreadsheet
Week #2 Assignments
Week of June 14th
Read chapter #3 in the text.
There are also some links on the site and some information and resources at the text book site.
I want you to read along and follow the analysis for the New Century Health Clinic as you read the text. You should take the time now to review the information about the clinic and start thinking about solutions in relationship to the chapters you are reading. The web site for the New Century Health Clinic is at New Century Health Clinic
Bank assignment
Week #3 Assignments
Week of June 21st
Read chapter #4 and chapter #5 in the text.
Look for some resources on data flow diagrams on the web to supplement your reading (there are some under links at this site).
This week you should also focus on decision tables so I would like you to read the handout on decision tables that is posted at the site and the handout on decision table examples. There are also some links on the site and some information and resources at the text book site.
Be sure that you continue to do the New Century Health Clinic for your own benefit and let me know if you have questions.
Data Flow Diagram assignment
Decision table assignment
Week #4 Assignments
Week of June 28th
Please go over the Systems Analysis and Design Toolkits for Communication Tools, Case Tools and Financial Analysis Tools in your textbook.
Be sure to check for notes under notes and handouts that would be helpful in understanding the analysis phrase.
Project: (Due in two weeks) Develop a PowerPoint presentation that will explain the analysis of the Clinic and your recommended results from the analysis.
Analysis/Powerpoint assignment
Week #5 Assignments
Week of July 5th
Please read chapter #6. You should also look for additional information on relational databases and normalization on the web.
You should also look at the PowerPoint presentations on relational databases at this site.
You need to review Access. If you are not comfortable with Access, let me know and I will give you some tutorial information and/or let you borrow a textbook.
Using Access, I want you to create the following two databases:
Student database example
Payroll database example (due in 2 weeks)
Week #6 Assignments
Week of July 12th
Be sure to look at the PowerPoint presentations on relatioal databases at this site.
Please read chapter #7. Keep working on your own on the New Century Health Clinic. Again you do not have to produce output to pass in, you should think it through and make notes for yourself.
Read the design notes overview: Design notes
Read the notes on data dictionaries. It is important to understand what can go into the data dictionary.
Notes on data dictionaries
Please let me know whether you are comfortable with Access or Oracle.
Please make sure you are comfortable with the concepts of DFDs and systems flowcharts. There is a presentation on DFD and a presentation on Systems Flowcharts that should be viewed. Also make sure you have viewed the presentations on relational databases and are comfortable with the concepts presented.
Dairy System
We will be working on this via email for a couple of weeks.
First, I want you to decide on the output and input that would be produce and give me a list.
Week #7 Assignments
Week of July 19th
Please read chapter #8.
We are going to continue looking at the Dairy System.
Keep working on the New Century Health Clinic on your own.
Continuing with the Dairy System Project.
Second, I want you to lay out the files needed for this database in a relational database using the rules of third normal form. Send me what you think in sketch form - in other words listing the fields and the keys. I will look at it and after we agree, I want you to implement the file design in Access or Oracle. After you have designed the files, you also need to pick one of the files to document in a Data Dictionary.
Query Assignment
Week #8 Assignments
Week of July 26th
Please read chapter #9.
Keep working on the New Century Health Clinic on your own. You should be working on the project at the end of each chapter.
Continuing with the Dairy System Project.
Third, I want you to do a systems flowchart to show the flow of processing needed for the dairy system. Look at the powerpoint presentation on systems flowcharts relating to business. Read some information about systems flowcharts from the web.
You might consider doing a DFD prior to the systems flow chart (extra credit). Again sketch it and let me view the results and discuss with you (via email).
Week #9 Assignments
Week of August 2nd
Read chapter #10.
Read the information on Systems Analysis and Design Toolkits (if you haven't already) up through part #4 with special focus on PERT/CPM charts - you will also find notes at the site on this topic.
Remember the business software packages that I asked you to send away for at the beginning of the semester - well now I want you to look at them!
Pert/CPM assignment
Evaluate two of the software packages. You want to understand what functions they can accomplish (payroll, order entry, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory etc.). You want to look at them related to the business notes I had you read and your own experience and evaluate whether they would work for a small company trying to set up a portion of their business with this software. Look at ease of use, whether the package works, whether it is flexible, whether in fact you could recommend it to a client.
Week #10 Assignments
Week of August 9th
Be sure you have read the entire book including the information in the appendix.
I had a computer disaster and am still recoverying, but I am back on line. We will use this week as catchup. No new assignments.
Week #11 Assignments
Week of August 16th
If you would like to schedule some time to get together to go over the Dairy, let me know. Read information on how to evaluate electronic sources of information.
Rhodes University - Evaluating electronic information
Evaluating and Assessing On-Line Resources
Critically Analyzing Information Sources
Evaluation Criteria
Internet Dectective
The Web Research Resource
Evaluating Electronic Sources
Evaluating Information Resources
Continue working on the dairy!
Write a short paper on evaluating electronic resources. Assume you are making a presentation to college freshmen about effective use of the web.
Project: You are in charge of implementing a new system for a company you are familiar with. Write a brief description of the project and then explain the testing, training, data conversion, and maintenance plan that you would propose to management.
Week #12
Week of August 23rd
We are going to look at Project Management beyond the CPM/Pert chart. Use the Web to do some research on the packages available for Project Management and what they accomplish. Be sure to check the Microsoft site.
Check back!
Continue working on the dairy!
Write a short paper on project management including what applications are available and what they accomplish.
Week #13
Week of August 30th
Email me when you are ready for the final and I will send it to you. It is officially due on August 30th and you may have it one week ahead. If you are not going to be ready for it by then you can have an incomplete. Email me!

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