Notes for CIS44 - Internet User/Developer

Notes Link to retrieve
Introduction Introduction to CIS122 - Fall 2020
Listing of examples Getting started and Intro
CSS Style and Formatting
CSS intro
CSS continued
JavaScript events
JavaScript introduction
JavaScript functions
To see the HTML code, use View/PageSource.
Introductory notes
Notes on tables to accompany expertable1-4 HTML examples
FTP Using WinSCP3
WS_FTP notes
JavaScript Some notes on JavaScript - probably of most interest to people with some programming background
Composer & FrontPage Page created with composer
Notes on creating in FrontPage with Explorer
Test page to accompany notes in FrontPage
Frame page to accompany notes in FrontPage
secondpage.htm - Page to go in frame page
thirdoage.htm - Page to go in frame page
Misc. Information on site maps.
Read these notes on some things to consider when evaluating sites
Information on passing data in answer to a question

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