Notes for CIS44 - Internet User/Developer

Notes Link to retrieve
Listing of examples Getting started and Intro
CSS Style and Formatting
CSS intro
CSS continued
JavaScript events
JavaScript introduction
JavaScript functions
To see the HTML code, use View/PageSource.
Introductory notes
Notes on tables to accompany expertable1-4 HTML examples
FTP Using WinSCP3
WS_FTP notes
JavaScript Some notes on JavaScript - probably of most interest to people with some programming background
Composer & FrontPage Page created with composer
Notes on creating in FrontPage with Explorer
Test page to accompany notes in FrontPage
Frame page to accompany notes in FrontPage
secondpage.htm - Page to go in frame page
thirdoage.htm - Page to go in frame page
Misc. Information on site maps.
Read these notes on some things to consider when evaluating sites
Information on passing data in answer to a question

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