Links and Tutorials for CIS50 - Oracle and SQL

Installation and login information Disclaimer: Needless to say, I have not checked everything listed here, many of them come highly recommended, others just look promising. If you find good solutions to any problems you encounter, please post them on the boardroom.
Personal Edition 9i - posted Fall 2004
Logon SQL Plus - posted Fall 2004
Logging in at home using 7.3 (similar in other versions)
Login instructions - lab
Information about installing 8i
Information about installing 9i that comes with your text
Link to Oracle where you can download 8i or 9i
Another link for downloading either 8i or 9i
Source for frequently asked questions about Oracle - includes a forum
Source for frequently asked questions about Oracle - specifically operating systems
Installing Personal Oracle 8i
Installing Oracle 9i
Notes from a classmate
How to Install Oracle 91 on XP Pro from a classmate
Notes on installing Oracle 10g from a classmate
Notes on installing Oracle 10g from another classmate
Notes on importing and exporting a table
Getting started using 11g Express
Notes on login for Oracle 11g by Eric Oldford at the Help Desk
Notes on installing Oracle 11g on your own computer by Eric Oldford at the Help Desk
Sample tables you can import Thanks to Eric Oldford and Andrew Downing
Copy from SQLPlus so you can paste it onto the document you are submitting as your assignent
Using Putty (copy and paste)
Installing 12c from notes - think/hope got everything
Relational Database Concepts Lesson #1 in a series, be sure to go to lesson #2
Information about relational databases and normalization from Microsoft
More information on normalization and design
Links to information on relational databases
Very complete and more advanced reference
Taking it further
Another source
From how stuff works
Helpful links/notes Oracle SQL
This is an article on Oracle and databases
Help with Oracle
Oracle/SQL/PL/SQL tutorial
Oracle tutorial
SQL*Plus tutorial
Underground Oracle FAQ
Interactive SQL Training
Oracle and PL/SQL

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