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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester. You should buy the CGI/Perl Text (check used books), the XML text is a suggestion, I am looking for a better one.
Week #15 Assignments
December 13th
Time for finals! For your final I would like you to do a project that takes things further in one of the areas you worked in such as Perl, ASP and XML, or you can explore something related such as RSS and how to set up and use them. I want you to tell me what you plan to do, get my agreement and then do it. I can take it anytimeup through 12/23/10.
Week #14 Assignments
December 6th
I would like you to do some research on importing XML into a database or a spreadsheet and tell me what you find.
Extra credit if you do an example as well.
Catch up week!
Week #13 Assignments
November 29th
We will look at some more XML this week.
XMLschema zipped
XML zipped
This week I want you to experiment with schema and XSLT and pass in some examples showing a basic understanding. It would be great if you took what you did in DTD last week and redid in with a schema.
I would also like you to try some of the things with XSLT. Experiment!
Week #12
Week of November 22nd
Zipped XML examples
We will start XML this week.
I want you to experiment with XML - I need you to make a fairly complex design using DTD - on the idea of the donor, donation, drive.
I would also like you to look into using XML to pass data - find some information and experiment with what you find (again Extra Credit).
We are almost at the end, so take your time and play with XML and try to get some results next week.
Week #11
Week of November 15th
We will look at databases with ASP.NET this week. Please check back!
I want you to look at databases with ASP this week. There are examples on brinkster, I have given you the address and the code you would see if you logged in.
Database handling
I want you to do some work with ASP.NET and a database. I would like you to write code that will (1) display database data in a grid, (2) display database data one record at a time, (3) allow for maintenance of the database. These should be done on line - my examples are working at the Brinkster site.
Week #10
Week of November 8th
I have a lot of examples using aspx that are up on brinkster, the list of the beginning ones is located at: List of examples
I told you we were going to be looking at how to do things better in this part of the course, so you can do something similiar to what I have at Brinkster (set up your own brinkster account) or you can would with the Visual tools. Your choice. I would like you to look at my examples and then create some programs that do similar things, make a couple from each of the categories in the list. Make them simple and experiment.
Week #9 Assignments
Week of November 1st
I have a lot of examples using aspx that are up on brinkster, the list of the beginning ones is located at: Here are some ASP examples I did in a Visual Basic class. List of examples
This week I want you to either use Microsoft Visual Basic or some other language in Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition (can be downloaded from Microsoft) and experiment with ASP.
Some examples to experiment with.
ASP intro
ASP and db
Find a tutorial and do some reading:
3 schools tutorial
Tizag tutorial
Your assignment is to show me you are experimenting with ASP successfully. You can do something similiar to what I have at Brinkster (set up your own brinkster account) or you can would with the Visual tools. Your choice, but you do need to show me something running so I strongly suggest Brinkster. I would like you to look at my examples and then create some programs that do similar things. Make them simple and experiment. Show me five different things you tried.
Week #8 Assignments
Week of October 25th
I am planning to start ASP this week, so please get a free account at Brinkster or some other place that supports using ASP. I have asked Jacksy Dias to send you the account to Microsoft so you can download Visual Studio to work with.
What I would like you to do is some reesearch on using ASP.NET and using it through Visual Studio. Find some tutorials and poke around! I will get back to you, but that is a start!
Week #7 Assignments
Week of October 18th
We are going to continue with Perl including databases and maintenance of databases. Last week, I looked briefly at the comparison between using a file and a database. This is the example that I went over.
Files versus Databases
Good article on Perl and Databases
Another look at arrays
Maintenance programs
Week 7 examples
I am going to go over updating a database using three separate programs (see above). I want you to write a program to do adds, changes and deletes in one program. Create your own database with a different structure from mine.
Week #6 Assignments
Week of October 11th
We will start looking at MySQL because we need to be able to use Perl with a database.
This week we are going to focus on setting up MySQL on a server and querying and maintaining it. You will be accessing MySQL on the cisweb server. Information about MySQL is available at their web site. MySQL site
Information about using it at BCC is on this handout. Using MySQL on the cisweb server
If you want a copy to work with at home, a copy is available on the CDs accompanying the text book or at this site.
Please look at the presentations under MySQL on using MySQL. Note: You will need your cisweb username and password.
You should also get a copy of PuTTY to use with MySQL if you plan to work from home. PuTTY is available in the labs. Two sites that can be used to download PuTTY are:
Here is an example sheet for use when you are creating databases and tables in putty: Using putty to create a database and table
Here is another example sheet for use when you are maintaining and doing queries similiar to the ones I have assigned. Using SQL with MySQL
You should be looking up tutorials on SQL. Two that I think are good are:
SQL Tutorial (based on MySQL)
A Gentle Introduction to SQL This is especially helpful for someone who has had Oracle because it shows comparisons between the two versions.
You are allowed to have two databases (each can have multiple tables), under your cisweb. I have sent the names of the databases to your BCC accounts.
Perl function assignment
Week #5
Week of October 5th
Help/support lab Tuesday at 10:00 in my office and 1:45 in K101.
Be sure to read the chapter on files in your test. I would also like you to look functions in the next chapter.
Some examples for this week: Files and Functions
I would like you to write a quiz where you store the scores on a file. The students should be given questions, the grade should be calculated and stored.
Extra credit if you a can figure out a way to only allow a student to take the quiz once.
Week #4
Week of September 27th
Please look at arrays and hash variables this week (chapter #4).
Some examples for this week: Arrays and Hash
Array Hash Assignment
Week #3
Week of September 20th
Continue looking at loops this week and if statements as well.
Please read about if statements and start to read chapter #4.
If you are not comfortable with if statements, this presentation will be helpful.
Presentation on logical if structures
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
Some examples for this week: Loops and decisions (if statements)
Loops and decisions assignment
Week #2
Week of September 13th
Read chapter #3. Also started to look at loops this week.
Some examples for this week: Examples using post and get
Examples using for loop
Experiment with the things you read about which included passing data with the get and with the post and the basics of a for loop. You should do a program that uses the get and then change it to use the post. The for can be included or a separate program.
Check back!
Week #1
Week of September 6th
Read chapter #1 and chapter #2 in the CGI/Perl text.
Student downloads
The information below is work I did a few years ago using another site:
Look at the first three PowerPoint presentations under the topic CGI/Perl. Presentations
Look at the code for the programs which can be opened under Printed code to accompany examples for week #1. You can also download many (not all) of the examples from the beginning cgi/perl and beginning HTML. Examples
The examples I am going over in class are zipped.
If you have a login from CIT32, please use it. If not, you will be receiving a login soon.
Using the web site: Using WinSCP3
Do one of the hands on projects from chapter #1 and one of the case projects from chapter #2. If you do not have a site yet, write them and put them online when you get a site.
If you do not have a user id and password, contact me. Also, when you make cgi files, you need to go into rights and set the properties to 755.


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