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Weekly Schedule

Remember RE-SUBMIT. If you get back a homework with errors and without a grade it means it has not been graded - you need to fix and resubmit to get a grade.

Remember HELP is available with on Zoom with Milo or myself - see HELP section below.

The CIS pool is now available for students that need to access licensed software that they cannot use from home.
Remote access virtual desktop
Instructional video for using Remote Access Virtual Desktop - HTML

Week Information
Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! For almost all the assignments I want to see the code you write and the output it produces. So send me the address and a copy of the code. With play computer assignments give me the code and the output as you feel it would be generated. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester. Remember that I record/tape all my classes and capture notes on the Smartboard. These are available to you under Audio and Smartboard.
HELP schedule I will set up some optional class Zoom meetings that you can attend. Check the week of information to see the times and dates.
Milo is the tutor or SI for this class. I will send you the information about Milo's Zoom address and his hours. My office hours are 1 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday, 10 on Thursday. I hold my office hours on Zoom. If it turns out other hours work better for students these may change, so check back. I am also available by request (give me a few time options) especially while we get other support in place. I have been meeting with a lot of students that request it, maybe something you should consider doing. You can email me with a couple of times you can meet and usually one of those will work.
I will send out the information to contact me on Zoom. I will post availability but you can also set something up with me.
Downloading WinSCP on your PC by SI Joe Fletcher
There is access to WiFi from your car under the solar canopies on the Fall River Campus.
Notes on downloading Office 365 which contains Access: 1) To get Access (part of Office 365) you first log in to accessBCC 2) You then select Office 365 Dashboard 3) You will see some Office products listed on the side and on the right you will see a button that says Install Office - click on the button 4) You want the first choice in the popup you see - Office 365 apps 5) Save the OfficeSetup.exe and then run it (when asked about making changes I said yes) 6) Now it downloads office including Access.
Week #2
Week of January 30th


The recovery is going well and PHP should be available this week. So... I am putting up the material I want you to go over but I am holding back on some things, especially the assignment. Because a text book is not required, I want to point you to a few good PHP tutorials/ references that you can use throughout the semester. I will also put up sites related to current topics periodically.
Tutorials Point (PHP)
The W3 schools tutorial gives you option to test things
A slow moving basic tutorial
To load things up on the Internet, we use WINSCP. Please read the WINSCP and cisweb information: (note that in my examples I use as the host, we are now using as the host. The port has also changed to 220.
Here is information about using cisweb and WINSCP at BCC
Talks more specifically about portfolio We will be looking at making a portfolio later in the semester.
If you want to download WINSCP at home, you can find it at this address.


We will continue with PHP looking at Second Group PHP and we will start Third Group PHP. You can find Second Group PHP at Second Group PHP
You can find Third Group PHP at Third Group PHP


Group 2 payroll examples
Group 2 sentence examples
Misc from Group 2
Group 3 if and
Group 3 if or both

SMARTBOARD AND AUDIO NOTES FROM Spring 2019/2020 and Fall 2019: (not available now because of Bristol technical problems)

PHP Second Group (1/31/19) in PDF format Accompanying audio
PHP Second Group (1/31/19) Accompanying Smartboard presentations
PHP Third Group IF (2/5/19) in PDF format Accompanying audio
PHP Third Group IF (2/5/19) Accompanying Smartboard presentations
Week #1
Week of January 25th


Introduction to CIS159 - Spring 2022
We will start off the semester with a quick review of HTML if needed and then we will actually start the PHP. If you have already had CIS122/44 or have previous experience, this will be a review. If you have taken CIS120/17, you have already been introduced to HTML. For others I suggest that you use resources at the sites for CIS120/17 and CIS122/44 or other resources on the web to accquaint yourself with HTML.
There are a lof of examples under CIS122 Internet Developer.
A great reference for writing HTML is W3Schools
The students in this class have a variety of backgrounds, so for some HTML is review and for others it is relatively new.
Handout on using WinSCP3 Note instead of the host as we are now using
The port is now 220.
WinSCP3 is available as open source software and you can download it for home use.
You should be getting a username/password for the BCC site at the end of this week.
We will be working exclusively off the BCC cisweb site. You do not need to install PHP or MySQL, they are on the server.


When we start to look at PHP log into cisweb and copy my examples from First Group PHP up to the site.
You can find First Group PHP at First Group PHP revised - a few things have been added


FirstGroupPHP - hello world through name
FirstGroupPHP - html to PHP

SMARTBOARD AND AUDIO NOTES FROM Spring 2019/2020 and Fall 2019: (not available until technical issues resolved)

First day, review HTML, intro PHP (1/23/20) in PDF format Accompanying audio
First day, review of HTML, introPHP (1/23/20) Accompanying Smartboard presentations
First group PHP (1/28/20) in PDF format Accompanying audio
First group PHP (1/28/20) Accompanying Smartboard presentations


If you are new to HTML, I want you to build a web page. The page should include at least: list table, CSS and form.
If you are experienced with HTML, I want you to develop a page that challenges you and uses elements that you stretch your knowledge - this is the time to explore more CSS or forms - experiment!
Due the Thursday after the week it is assigned so due February 2nd.(Note that homework is always due the Thursday of the week after it is assigned unless I give a specific due date.
For all assignments and quizzes, send me the address that I can run in the browser to test your program and also send a copy of the code.

Send e-mail to Priscilla Grocer:

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