Programming: Logic, Design and Implementation (CIS120/17)

Weekly Schedule

If when I return an assignment you do not get a grade it means that you have to go over the assignment and fix and resubmit. Remember, all assignments including inclass assignments must be done by everyone. There is no makeup on quizzes and tests (some tests are accepted late - check).

Schedule by week or unit Information to cover
Please note that the first assignment is at the bottom of the list posted here. You should do the work in order! I may add to the weekly schedule during the course of the week, so please check back multiple times. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester. Play computer means to figure out the results yourself by evaluating the data rather than running the query.
Remember that I tape all my classes and capture notes on the Smartboard in the spring and fall. The recordings (audio) and the Smartboard are available for online students or students who missed a class to use under Audio and Smartboard.
Unit #4 This is Enrollment Verification time and I have to verify you are in the class. If you have not passed in work or the email a week verifying you are in the class, then you need to contact me now to make sure you are not withdrawn from the class.
Reading - there is not a required text but there is reading that will add to your knowledge base and that is required:
If you bought the optional text, read chapter 1 (you might note that at Amazon much of the first chapter is available for Just Enough Programming Logic and Design in the Look inside feature). Might help you decide about the book.
Compiler definition
Compiler vs interpreter
Types of software
Memory and RAM
Programming Process
Examples: Pseudocode and Flowcharts
Pseudocode and Flowcharts
If statements
Data types
I also want to include some information on skills, so please listen to this video and read this handout about note taking.
Note taking plus other techniques for being successful -I suggest checking out the other links on this page .
Cornell method of note taking
We went over SQL last week. Here are some examples you may find helpful:
Some SQL examples Let me know if you find a typo.
This week, we will go over some of the principles from the readings above and start looking at logic. We will work on the practice exercise below.
Practice exercise:
Practice exercise
Practice continued
Be sure to look at the solutions to the practice and I also recommend listening to the accompanying audio.
Presentation on using pseudocode to play computer
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on using pseudocode to play computer
For help on if statements, look at this presentation:
Presentation on logical if structures
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
Please look at this PowerPoint on loops and repetition:
Presentation on structure (focus on loops)
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation structure (focus on loops)
Logic Assignment
Check back!
Unit #3 This may take more time - this and unit #2 have a lot of new stuff so take the time you need. Some of the units after this students tell me are easier! If you have questions - ASK!
Directions for downloading Access are located under Notes and Handouts. Using Office 365 to download the suite is probably the easiest approach.
Here are some articles you can read if you want support in working with Access. Many go beyond what we are doing in class. They are a resource you can choose to use.
Create a table
Create a query
Create a table from Microsoft
Create a table (uses older version of Access)
Create a query (uses older version of Access)
Introduction to SQL
W3Schools on SQL
This unit starts to look at SQL in Access.
Examples of Access queries done in class:
Query examples from 11:00 class
Query examples from 12:30 class
Example using Access 2016. Note that it is hard to tell the difference between versions - all these examples work in 2016: Sample Access 2016 database Note there is an accompanying presentation explaining this example under presentions
Note, there is no makeup/resubmit on group projects.
The first assignment is a group assignment that I want you to work on with someone else in the class. When you are ready to do this, let me know and I will give you a partner that is also ready. You can communicate via email (if you want to meet that is fine too). The group project should be done using the user interface, not SQL.
Please note that in the groups you should both work on all the problems! You are working together as a group!
Note: On the flowcharts in the assignment, sometimes the word Technology is cut off and you see Course instead of Course Technology.
Group DB assignment
Group DB assignment (html version)
Answer sheet for group project
Book Database to use in answering questions (Access2016, 2013)
Database assignment to query with SQL:
Examples of SQL are available at my site and on the Smartboard and audio of the springs classes. I strongly suggest you do not start this assignment until you have gone over SQL.
You need to send me the database and a list of the SQL queries you wrote so that if the queries get "Microsoft fixed" I can see what you wrote. Remember, the queries have to all be done in SQL. This is not a group project. It needs to be done individually.
Softskills database to query with SQL
Check back!
Unit #2 This unit we will look at uploading a web page to our cisweb. Your user name and password for working with cisweb was sent to you at your bcc email.
More about soft skills - please read
We will also start looking at Microsoft Access 2016 this week. If you would like a copy for your computer you could choose to download Microsoft Access 2016 from Office 365.
Access 2016 using Office 365
Please do not change any of the passwords we have given you. I need to be able to get to your site as does the IT staff if there is a problem. Several of you have asked about words for different colors. Here is a link:
Color Names
Uploading to the Web: Presentation on uploading to the web
More information on uploading. In some of my notes I talk about Things have changed and you should now use you need to also change the port to 220.
We looked at login to cisweb during the spring as well, so check the notes on the Smartboard and the accompanying audio as well as the notes below.
To load things up on the Internet, we use WINSCP. Please read the WINSCP and cisweb information: (note that in my examples I use as the host, we are now using as the host although the old one is still supported).
Here is information about using cisweb and WINSCP at BCC
Talks more specifically about portfolio We will be looking at making a portfolio later in the semester.
If you want to download WINSCP at home, you can find it at this address.
Again, please remember to change the port to 220.
Access2013 example and explanation:
Sample Access 2013 database Note there is an accompanying Smartboard explaining this database under presentations - there have not been many changes between Access2013 and 2016 in the areas we are looking at so these notes are fine.

Access 2013 example explanation - database is under examples
Other examples are at my site under Examples and under presentations.
The databases we created in class a previous semester are shown below so you can take a look:
Created in 11:00 a previous year (student.accdb)
Created in 12:30 a previous year (studb.accdb)
If you did not create the database and table during class on Tuesday, I suggest you look at the notes in this presentation and try to create the table following the steps. Presentation on creating an Access 2016 database and table
Presentation going over first few HTML examples I created it to send to some students who were having trouble with HTML
Assignment #1: Upload your web page introducing yourself to the cisweb server and send me the address. Extra credit if you experiment with linking and try links that involve subfolders going back and forth and a link to an outside page.
Assignment #2: Quick Quiz #1
Assignment #3: Access Database Assignment on BCC College ResourcesThis assignment must be done with the user interface we have looked at in class, it should not be done with SQL - next weeks assignment will deal with SQL.
it is acceptable to leave some data blank but you should find some data on your own as well.
Check back!
Unit #1 Lots of information in this unit!
There are more weeks in the spring/fall semesters than in the summer. So instead of weeks I use units. There are 15 units (the last unit is the final) that must be done. Each student must complete all the units so some weeks you will need to do two units or get ahead and do three units. I will post the units so that you have that flexibility. Please check back several times during the week because I may add information. If you are just starting as a CIS major, I recommend that you double check your fall schedule with me.
You have gotten or will be getting invitations and login information in the next few days at your BCC email acount. Please be sure to check for them.
I record the lectures and capture the Smartboard notes during the Spring and Fall. On line students can use these to help understand the material covered in class. In the summer Unit #1 matches (as close as possible) the material I went over in Week #1 etc so you too can use the audio and Smartboard notes to provide the information you need.
If you go to audio and Smartboard you will find these recordings and captured Smartboard notes that should help you with the assignment. I took these from Spring 2019, you could also take them from Fall 2018 etc. Since the audio and the Smartboard are separate, you need to work on a way to figure out when to move to the next page in the Smartboard notes.
First day and intro to HTML (1/24/19) Accompanying audio
More intro to HTML and server (1/29/19) Accompanying audio
First day and intro to HTML (1/24/19) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
More intro to HTML and server (1/29/19) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
Please be sure to use the audio and Smartboard. They really contain the explaination of the material that needs to be learned.
We will start looking at HTML/HTML5 to develop a web page this week. Please look at the samples under Examples.
These are the pages you need to go over and understand:
There is an HTML presentation that also looks at writing code with HTML. It is under presentations and it is zipped.
Note that it does not use examples with the optional DOCTYPE on the first line.
Zipped version of Introduction to HTML
A great reference for writing HTML is W3Schools
Note that I will not always repeat the address here in the week of - I will just point you to where it can be found.
Please note that this class used to be CIS17 and some of the handouts will say CIS17, that is why I refer to the class as CIS120/CIS17.
Remember that the CSS (College Success Strategies) skills are embedded in this course. For example time management and learning style readings will help you to write the web page introducing yourself and telling me how you are going to handle your time and use your knowledge about learning styles to be successful in this course. If you complete this course, you do not have to take the College Success Strategies course.
For us there are two definitions of CSS - one is the College Success Strategies and one is Cascading Style Sheets.
Here are some links where you can find information on HTML and CSS:
I frequently search with the word "tutorial" and the subject when I want basic information.
HTML: Many students find this the best
Cascading Style Sheets: Many students find this the best
Remember that to see the code you wrote, right click and view source. I used Firefox to make my examples.
A member of the last class found this article interesting:
Improve your time management
All assignments must be turned in using the email addresses that I sent you.
We will be looking at soft skills later in the semester and as a foundation for that, I want you to take this survey:
Send me an email letting me know you have taken it.
Your assignment for this week:
HTML page to introduce yourself (needs to include CSS)
I should clarify that you should use a lot of the HTML in the examples so you should use things like lists, tables, images, CSS etc to get the best grade. If you use extra HTML that you research and use to create the page you need to explain the commands for extra credit.
Also extra credit for having more than one page and linking them.
Email me if you have questions!
Accuracy is important when you are instructing a computer, so if your work is not correct I return it to you with comments and ask that you fix and resubmit. Quizzes and tests cannot be resubmitted unless I specifically say they can.

Send e-mail to Priscilla Grocer (if you have or are taking a course, use the email you were given for the class):

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