Programming: Logic, Design and Implementation (CIS120/17)

Weekly Schedule

If when I return an assignment you do not get a grade it means that you have to go over the assignment and fix and resubmit. Remember, all assignments must be done by everyone. There is no makeup on quizzes and tests (some tests are accepted late - check).

Remember HELP is available on Zoom - see HELP section below.

The CIS pool is now available for students that need to access licensed software that they cannot use from home.
Remote access virtual desktop
Instructional video for using Remote Access Virtual Desktop - HTML

Schedule by week or unit Information to cover
Please note that the first assignment is at the bottom of the list posted here. You should do the work in order! I may add to the weekly schedule during the course of the week, so please check back multiple times. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester. Play computer means to figure out the results yourself by evaluating the data rather than running the query.
Remember that I record all my classes and capture notes on the Smartboard in the spring and fall when I teach online. The recordings (audio) and the Smartboard are available for all students to use under Audio and Smartboard. This semester you should use the information from 2019 and some from Spring 2020.
I am preparing Topic Videos to go with the work that is being covered.
HELP schedule I will set up some optional class Zoom meetings that you can attend. Check the week of information to see the times and dates.
Kevin is the tutor or SI for this class. I will send you the information about Kevin's availability. My office hours are 1 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday, 10 on Thursday. If it turns out other hours work better for students these may change, so check back. I am also available by request (give me a few time options) especially while we get other support in place. I have been meeting with a lot of students that request it, maybe something you should consider doing. You can email me with a couple of times you can meet and usually one of those will work.
I will send out the information to contact me on Zoom. I will post availability but you can also set something up with me.
Downloading WinSCP on your PC by SI Joe Fletcher
There is access to WiFi from your car under the solar canopies on the Fall River Campus.
Week #1
Week of January 25th


Lots of information this week!
Introduction to CIS120 for Fall 2020 A new one will be done for Spring.
Each week, I will post information prior to the start of the week. Please check back several times during the week because I may add information and/or assignments as the week progresses.
Information about the topics for the week is presented in a variety of ways to accomodate a variety of learning styles. There are a lot of examples and topic streaming videos explaining the topics and the examples. The videos are available through my site and through youtube if you want captions. There are Powerpoints for a lot of materials and audio and Smartboard from the last time I taught the class live. That involved recordinging the audio and capturing the things I wrote on the board and editing them with comments before posting. Check out the options and decide on the ones that work best for you. I want to emphasize that understanding the examples is key to doing well in the course.
We will set up virtual help session/labs using Zoom and other tools. Kevin, my SI is available for virtual help there. Kevin's hours in Zoom will be posted above under Help Schedule. I will also set up office hours on Zoom and you can contact me about other times.
If you are just starting as a CIS major, I recommend that you double check your spring schedule with me if you have questions.
You should have gotten login information in at your Bristol email acount. Please be sure to check for them. We will use them at various points in the course.
We will look at HTML/HTML5 and CSS this week to develop a web page. We will continue the topic next week. Please look at the samples under Examples and reproduced here.




This is an intro from a previous semester in case you want to here a slightly different version (this is also out on youtube)
Starting a NEW HTML page
Starting a NEW HTML page (youtube version)
Introduction to HTML
Introduction to HTML (youtube version)
Continuing HTML and introducing CSS
Continuing HTML and introducing CSS (youtube version)
Adding images and tables to your page
Adding images and tables to your page (you tube version)
linking between pages
linkingbetween pages (youtube version)

SMARTBOARD AND AUDIO NOTES FROM Spring 2020 and Fall 2019:

First day and intro to HTML (1/23/20 11:00) Accompanying audio
First day and intro to HTML (1/23/20 11:00) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
Second day and more HTML/CSS (1/28/20 11:00) Accompanying audio
Second day and more HTML/CSS (1/28/20 11:00) Accompanying Smartboard presentation


All assignments must be turned in using the email addresses with a cc to the email address I will send you. I like to have backup.
Assignments are due the Thursday of the week after they are assigned. So assignments for this week are due next Thursday, February 4th.
I would try to get it in sooner because frequently there are a couple of assignments in a week.. There is also an Assignment Summary (look under Weekly Schedule in the menu on the left).
We will be looking at soft skills later in the semester and as a foundation for that, I want you to take this survey:
Send me an email letting me know you have taken it.
Your assignment for this week:
HTML page to introduce yourself (needs to include CSS)
I should clarify that you should use a lot of the HTML in the examples so you should use things like lists, tables, images, CSS etc to get the best grade. If you use extra HTML that you research and use to create the page you need to explain the commands for extra credit.
Also extra credit for having more than one page and linking them.
Note: You do not need to put your web page(s) on line this week. We will do that next week.

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