Weekly Schedule

Keep the assignments coming especially if you are on the borderline for having enough to pass. Not sure when I can get to them, but changes of grade work!

Max will be available on Friday the 7th and Friday the 14th in K116 from about 9:30 until 5. Please let me know if you will be going to the lab so Max can have an idea of who is coming.

Video contest for CIS majors: Information about the Department Video Contest and Prizes

When you are using JavaScript, if you use a technique we have not covered in class, you need to explain it!

Homework is due by the 13th of December, the last day of our class. Actually we will make that the 14th and I will take a few assignments through the weekend so through the 16th - a few, not the whole semester. You need to talk to me if that is not going to happen.

Posted Dec 16th: If you still have things to pass in, keep sending them, it is just that I do not know what my turnaround will be on dealing with them - if you are sending things past this weekend, we need to talk!

Week Information
Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Week #15
December 10th
I have a new grand daughter and everyone is doing well.
I will not be on campus this week again, if you have problems, please email me. Max is available on the 14th for help.
I can do an interactive gmail chat/hangout whatever if you want to if you have questions.
Your final is an online final with open notes, books and resources. It is however an individual project. No collaboration or asking questions of anyone but me.
Your final is scheduled for Monday, December 17th at 10:30, which means it needs to be emailed to me at my usual address, my back up address and before the that time. If you are not sure of my back up address, email me.
The status sheet is a requirement, I only correct the final if I also have the required status sheet.
Final Exam
Required Status Sheet
Woops... Looks like I listed the JavaScript for week #8 twice - I will fix it.
Week #14
December 3rd
It turns out that I will be in North Carolina this week. So... You can work together, you can work with Edmilson or you can contact me about doing a gmail video chat/hangout either during class time or at another time during the week. Contact me if you want to do this and I will send you my gmail contact information. I will also be on line during class time so you can email me with questions and unless I am dealing with someone elses question you will get a quick response. I put out notes on last weeks quiz assignment and if as a group you want to set up a gmail chat/hangout during class time I can do that.
Posted last week: As you know I may be out due to family. There are help sessions on Friday the 30th of November, Friday the 7th of December and Friday the 14th of December in K116. In addition lab time is available with support on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 1:45 in K101. Edmilson, from your class, will be in K101 on Monday during class time and has done some of the JavaScript so may be helpful. I will be available via email and can work with you on line.
Here are some notes to help you write the quiz that I assigned last week. Give it a try and send me your best effort - tell me about the problems you encountered and I will get back to you. On the subject line write that it is the quiz.
Quiz assignment notes

Some of these articles will help you prepare for the final. There will probably be a question about placement, about searching, about attracting people to your site about evaluating a site etc. Some research now will help when you attack the final next week. Let me know if you find some dead links.
One of the topics to consider is getting good placement of your page. Here are some resources I have found, but you should do some searching for other links:
Promoting web site
Web site promotion
Promote your web site
Less obvious ways to promote
Techniques for placement (Ceasar Cabral)
Promoting a site
Using articles to promote
Search Engine Watch
SEO Guide
SEO on Wiki
SEO Google
Placement (old but still some interesting information)
For information, read:
about robots.txt
Other things to look at for this week:
1)Web ethics:Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics
Bloggers code of ethics
Search tools chart
Yahoo advanced search
Google searching
I would also like you to look at some sites that deal with evaluating the information you find at a web site:
Evaluation from Cornell
Evaluation from Berkeley
Evalution from Ohio
Evaluation from Maryland
Week #13
November 26th
The plan (subject to change so check with me) is to be available for help Monday at 10, I may have some time between 2 and 4 depending on meetings. I also plan to stay late both Tues and Thurs (until 5ish and that can change if you let me know. Max will run an all day workshop on Friday in K116. I may be there and it may be just Max.
This week we will continue with working in JavaScript and I am going to cover the basics of DOM.
DOM at w3schools
Check back!
Assignments to turn in:
DOM assignment
Quiz assignment that we will start in class. We will try to work on these in class. Here is a picture of what I am looking for in the quiz - you can use my questions or your own.
Quiz to try (note the button is not positioned well when I took the picture of the page)
Check back!
Week #12
November 19th
I am available for help Monday at 10 and Monday afternoon - I have a short meeting around 3 I believe but I will be there the rest of the time until 5ish. On Tuesday I will be available after 1:45 and if you tell me you need me to stay late in the afternoon I will try to manage it. You have to tell me Monday.
We have requested that all CIS majors be assigned to a member of the CIS faculty for advisement. If you have a different advisor and have questions, please contact me via email, come to a help session or we can set up an appointment. Things usually work better if you talk to a CIS faculty member or someone associated with IT who understands the ins, outs and peculiarities of the curriculum.
This week we will continue looking at JavaScript examples on the web site: emphasis on arrays and functions.
Some examples we will look at today and build off of:
Check back!
Assignments to turn in:
Second web site or modification to first site
JavaScript Assignment with buttons and checkboxes handled in functions
Supplement to the JavaScript assignment (problem #3)
Week #11
November 12th
I am available for help and advisement this week on Tuesday after 2, on Wed at 10 and after 3 and Thursday after 2. Talk to me if you are staying late - I can not stay late Thursday but I can the other days. For advisement sign up on my door. If I get 10 people that committ to come on Friday the 16th, Max and I can put in an entire day of help like we did last Friday.
Max is available in the afternoon as well.
On Thursday during the first part of my 11:00 class and my 12:30 class, we have a guest speaker from Meditech coming in to talk about career opportunities with an emphasis on jobs in the programming area. You are welcome to come (K101).
We will continue with Javascript this week.
We went through a lot of functions and also the math facts problems under loops. Please check the Smartboard presentation of what we did in class.
Assignments to turn in:
First: Assignment to do in Javascript I would like you to try and figure out one or more alternate way to do these to get extra credit.
Second: Go to the mathfor problems and fix one of them so that when you get the wrong answer you stay in the loop and until you get it right. Extra credit if you modify it again so you get three chances and if you don't get it right in the three chances you leave. If you don't get it working, send me your best effort before class and we will go over it in class on Monday.
Week #10
November 5th
I am available for help Monday at 10 and also at around 3 (I have a meeting so I may be a little late. I will also be available Tues and Thurs at 1:45 and I will stay late and I will also be there on Friday if I get 10 student emails confirming they are coming for help.
This week the focus will be on JavaScript. We looked at math facts problems and guess game from the CIS120 review. We also looked at events and some of the code under the examples embedded in XHTML. We looked at navtypex.html and some of the time examples and calcgradex.html. Next week we will look at functions.
Assignments to turn in:
Week #9
October 29th
I am available for help Monday at 10 and also from 4 to 6 - come to K112 or I might be in the lab. I am also available Tuesday and Thursday at 1:45. This week I will have to leave after an hour or an hour and a half on Tuesday and Thursday because I have other committments.
I found this series of what I consider good HTML5 tutorials on You Tube - they are by thenewboston. There are also some JavaScript tutorials as well - I have not watched too many of them yet, but I probably will.
We will take a quick look at CSS3 today and then we will focus on JavaScript. Check back to see how we did!
To do because we missed class:
There are two classes where I covered JavaScript if statements and loops and looked at the Guess Game which I planned to do today. Please go over these - you can check out the two versions for the 11 and 12:30 class or just one version, but do be sure to look at the two days of notes.
More JavaScript in PDF format (10/16/12 11:00) Accompanying audio
More JavaScript in PDF format (10/16/12 12:30) Accompanying audio
JavaScript loops and guess game in PDF format (10/18/12 11:00) Accompanying audio
JavaScript loops and guess game in PDF format (10/18/12 12:30) Accompanying audio
More JavaScript (10/16/12 11:00) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
More JavaScript (10/16/12 12:30) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
JavaScript loops and guess game (10/18/12 11:00) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
JavaScript loops and guess game (10/18/12 12:30) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
I am also going to post an assignment to have you experiment with CSS3 that I had planned to do in class.
I was going to start events today so I would like you to look at these two tutorials from YouTube. They were created by thenewboston
Beginner JavaScript Tutorial - 22 - Event Handlers
Beginner JavaScript Tutorial - 23 - onMouseOver & onLoad
You can then start to look at my examples of events that are under XHTML and JavaScript examples and events.
Please spend some time doing these things because we have now missed two weeks of classes and I want to keep us on target.
Assignments to turn in:
Please write a program that uses 5 of the CSS3 features I covered in the CSS3 notes under HTML5 One of the 5 should be the 3 column example.
CSS3 Notes
Write a page or pages that include the following JavaScript:
Problem #1: Use 4 different events (use one that I did not talk about much or at all).
Problem #2: Code a simple if with one else and have multiple things done if true and multiple things if not true.
Problem #3: Use a nested if (an if within an if).
Problem #4: Use two different kinds of loops.
Give these a try and come with questions when we meet again on Monday.
Week #8
October 22nd
This week I am available for help Monday at 10 and at 3:30 and Tuesday and Thursday at 1:45 - I can stay late either Tuesday or Thursday if you get in touch and we set up a plan.
This week we will go over the highlights in the postings last week. I want you to go over the CSS3 examples at the site for next week. Then we will start Javascript.
Matt Medeiros came in to speak about a project at his web development company: but I guess I should have had Listen to the audio and check out the site. He would like people to give him feedback on usability, what works, can you do what you need to etc. I will extra credit for a meaningful review sent to him and to me.
Assignments to turn in:
Find a template on line for a two column page and a three column page. Modify the template to put up a page where the information comes from you. Be sure to tell me the templates you used.
JavaScript Assignment One
Woops... I did not say prompt for the three numbers in #1 - if you have not done the assignment yet, please include this!
Week #7
October 15th
I am out sick today. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow and available at 1:45 on Tuesday - check back - I have a bad cold so I am unsure about how late I will stay the rest of the week!
Check these CSS references:
CSS reference - first
CSS reference - second
CSS reference - third
CSS reference - fourth
CSS reference - fifth
CSS reference - sixth
CSS reference - seventh
CSS reference - eighth
CSS reference - ninth
CSS reference - tenth
Visual example on CSS positioning:
Interest CSS positioning experiment
Other recommendations from classes:
CSS reference
CSS reference
Some examples to look at:
Please check out this site:
Selectutorials on CSS
This week we are going to look at a little more CSS including how to set up columns - a fairly basic approach.
Two columns
Two columns (another)
Three columns
Three columns (with header)
Three columns (header and footer)
Refering to setting up a web site, please read these three articles:
Assignments to turn in:
Please put in considerable time looking at these sites and the uses of CSS. There are new assignments to pass in, I just want you to check these links and examples.
Week #6
Week of October 8th
I am available for help on Tuesday afternoon.
Check back!
This week we will finish the introductory material on CSS with CSS!
Sample form
Some articles I would like you to read on paths since there seems to be a lot of questions:
Article on relative and absolute paths
About paths
We will talk a little about what makes a good site: A starting point for thought and discussion
Articles on what makes a good website that I have come across recently. Please find a few you like and put them on delicious.
Good website
Developing site
What makes a good web site
Top 10 Tips
CSS columns (if we have time). Look at these examples and do some research on postion and overflow and any other features you are not sure about. We will look at the examples and then spend more time on them next week.
2 column example (left)
2 column example (right)
3 column example
3 column example with header
3 column example with header/footer
Assignments to turn in:
CSS Assignment
First project now assigned: First web project Note that a working web site is required for this course. You cannot pass the course if you do not have a working website written using HTML5/XHTML and CSS. I would like the project by mid November.
Check back!
Week #5
Week of October 1st
This week I am available at 10 on Monday and 1:45 on Tuesday and on Thursday I am holding a help lab in K101 from 9:30 to 1:45 (and then I am available in my office or another lab until 2:45). I will also leave the last part of the class on Monday for help.
We will finish the topics under HTML5 and we will start looking at CSS which is under XHTML so this means a review of XHTML. Check back!
Assignments to turn in:
Frame assignment: 1) Develop a frame page that has one row across the whole page and beneath it a row that is broken up into three columns. I do not care what pages you show in those frames. 2) Change one of the frames using the default target option. 3) Change one of the frames using the named option. Extra credit: Extra credit if you try all four kinds of target.
Syllabus Assignment All style should be done with CSS. Validate your work and put it up on the server (send me the address). Extra credit if you also include an iframe! Please do not use pre.
Week #4
Week of September 24th
This week I have a meeting Monday at 10 so I will be available right after this class until around 3. I am also available Tuesday and Thursday at 1:45 and Thursday I will be around until around 5:30. If I am not in my office (K112) I will leave a note on my door saying where I am.
This week I want to look at images, go back and look at some XHTML and talk about validation. We may get to mapping.
I also want to look at embedded lists a little more. Look at these examples:
Embedded lists HTML
Embedded list example XHTML
embeddedlists5.html (embedded lists) - passed
Assignments to turn in:
Table, Image and Map Assignment
Exercise: Exercise we will start in class.
Note: Standard practice in this class, if you decide to work as a group everyone has to do all of the problems - in other words the purpose of working together is discussing the problem and catching each others errors!
Week #3
September 17th
This week I am available Monday from 10-11 in K112 and Thursday from 1:45 until 3:15 in K112 (I can go to the lab to work on things. Tuesday is still not sure.
We will continue on looking at HTML5 and XHTML. I plan to go through an introduction to CSS, links and tables (we will see if we make it to tables).
Here is some information on CSS:
CSS Intro
W3 Schools
You should have received a login to cisweb - it would include a user name and a Linux password. Let me know if you have not received it.
WINSCP information:
Here are some notes on logging in and uploading your pages to the server in the public_html area. Note that the host is (in the notes it says - that also works but we prefer that you use bristolcc).
Here is information about using cisweb at BCC
Talks more specifically about portfolio
Assignments to turn in:
CSS, links and tables assignment
Please note that this page should be validated.
If you upload your pages onto the server you will get extra credit.
Week #2
Week of September 10th
I will be available for help Monday at 10:00 and Tuesday at 2:00 in my office (K-112) - if we need a lab we can go across the hall to the main lab.
This semester we will cover HTML, CSS and Javascript/JavaScript. In looking at HTML, we will focus on HTML5 but spend time on XHTML as well. We will start to add CSS3 features to our CSS and then we will look at adding the power of JavaScript to our web pages.
Just to be sure you are comfortable with the various ways of searching the web, I would like you to look at the information at this site.
Searching effectively
Please browse my website and become familiar with what is there.
Since we will be looking at both HTML5 and XHTML, I am giving you a basic example of of both styles:
Code for a basic example of HTML5
Code for a basic example of XHTML
I want you to look at HTML5 sample code and then HTML5 - intro and XHTML sample code and then XHTML - intro. You can also look at getting started under XHTML. There are presentations to accompany XHTML. Because I do the Smartboard, I have stopped doing the presentations and focused on the Smartboard explanations.
We will also look at validation in both HTML5 and XHTML. The validator is located at W3. If you validate by File Upload and browse to find your file and then click on check, the validator will give you feedback.
Assignments to turn in:
Please browse my website and become familiar with what is there.
Survey of past experience - must be completed by all students
First HTML assignment
This first assignment is due in one week so it is due by September 17th. There are questions so lets go with the 20th!
Check back!
Week #1
Week of September 3rd
Because classes start on Tuesday, September 4th, your first class will be on Monday, September 10th. There is no required book for this course, but you might find it helpful to look up some resources and tutorials on HTML, XHTML and HTML5 because we will start to look at using HTML in its various versions when we start the course.


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