Weekly Schedule

Week Information
Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Final Week
May 16th
I am out sick on the Monday that the final is due. I sent you an email explaining how you can handle it. Please let me know if you did not receive the email or if you have any questions.
Week #15
Week of May 9th
We are done except for the final. I will be available Tues from 2:00 to 7:00 if you need help and Monday I will be around at 10:30 and 3:30 to help for a while. I will also be available on Thursday from 9:30 until 6:30 in K101. So if you need help please drop in.
I need you to pass things in by the last day of classes which is this Thursday. I will take a few things at the final. Contact me if you have a problem.
I would like people to show their web site in class on Monday and post the address on google or the blog.
I am posting your final. It is due at the scheduled final time (11:00) next Monday the 16th. If you have not completed and sent me the final and the required status sheet by 11:000 on Monday, you must come to the scheduled exam (10:30 on Monday)and complete it there.
Assignments to turn in - final exam and status sheet:
Required Status Sheet
Final Exam
Week #14
Week of May 2nd
Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd I will stay to help until 7:00. Monday I have a meeting that will probably end at 3:00 and I will be available until 7:00. Tuesday I will be available from 2:00 to 7:00 with a few time outs to go to a Family Night Event for a few minutes. Tuesday I will be in K101, Monday we will have to find a lab so check my door (K112) or the main lab in K Building.
One of the topics to consider is getting good placement of your page. Here are some resources I have found, but you should do some searching for other links:
Techniques for placement (Ceasar Cabral)
Promoting a site
Using articles to promote
Placement (old but still some interesting information)
For information, read:
about robots.txt
Other things to look at for this week:
1)Web ethics:Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics
Bloggers code of ethics
Search tools chart
Yahoo advanced search
Google searching
I would also like you to look at some sites that deal with evaluating the information you find at a web site:
Evaluation from Cornell
Evaluation from Berkeley
Evalution from Ohio
Evaluation from Maryland
Read about DOM - w3schools is a good place to start. We will talk about that briefly next week.
See some examples under DOM under JavaScript at the class website.
I would like you to show the class the website you have developed next week.
Assignments to turn in:
Work on your websites!
Week #13
Week of April 25th
On Tuesday I will stay until 4:30 so I am available for help from 2:00 to 4:30 in K101 or K112. On Thursday I plan to stay later as well - I will be on campus from 2:00 until 7:00 (maybe even 7:30) with a break from 5:45 until around 6:15 or 6:30 to talk to someone about some projects we are involved in.
We will continue to look at JavaScript this week. Check back!
Assignments to turn in:
First: We looked at the math facts programs and went over how to get the program to keep asking for the answer until the answer is correct in class. Now I would like you to refine that code and put in the code to make the user have 3 chances to answer the question. Everyone should send me both solutions.
Second: Write the JavaScript to take in a persons name, their pay type (salary or hourly, use radio buttons for this), a text box for pay per hour and a text box for hours worked (only filled in if hourly employee), a text box for salary (only fill in if salary employee), a radio button to choose from three medical plans (Plan A costs $50, Plan B costs 35 and Plan C costs 25). Then have a button to click to calculate the pay and a text box to hold the calculated pay. If the person is a salary employee then divide the salary by 52 to get the weekly salary and then subtract the cost of the appropriate medical plan. If the person is a hourly employee and does not work over 40 hours per week calcualte their pay per hour times hours and subtract their medical. If the hourly employee worked over 40 hours they should get time and a half for the hours over 40. Calculate their pay and subtract their medical.
Week #12
Week of April 18th
Update: Thursday I will be available from 1:40 until 4:00 in K101 or K112. I will definitely stay on Tuesday from 2 to 7:00 and I plan to stay on Thursday as well, however I am also trying to get a doctor's appointment for the end of the week so there is a slight possibility that I will have to leave earlier on Thursday afternoon. I will post the information as soon as I know.
Remember we are meeting on Thursday this week!
We will be continuing with JavaScript - we ended up spending the period on this inclass exercise in JavaScript.
Assignments to turn in:
JavaScript Quiz Assignment (if you were in class, we started it there). The problem is this, we did it one way in class and the code below is an alternative (and I think better approach). Essentially when you code this and get it running, you cannot have it be the same as the second example of code that is part of the assignment - you can follow the Smartboard notes which will be up shortly, or you can come up with your own approach, but it needs to be different. Some clear differences between the inclass method and the code I provided are I did not send data to the function, I used complete addressing in the function, I only had one function and I did not use the return, I wrote to the boxes from the function. The Smartboard provides a lot of code, please try to get the big picture from it and the approach we used and then try to write as much as you can on your own so that it will make sense and you will learn!
Second web site or modification to first site
Week #11
Week of April 11th
Unfortunately I am out sick today (Thursday) which effects both class and the advisement. You can email me any advisement questions and we can accomplish a lot via email. My plan for next week is Tuesday and Thursday from 2 to 7 I will be available for help and advisement. We will continue on with JavaScript this week. Please be sure you have looked at and hopefully started the class exercise posted last week.
Tutorial on JavaScript recommended by a student
Tutorial on JavaScript
Another JavaScript tutorial
Looks like a good JavaScript tutorial
we will look at the logic and code for the guess game written in JavaScript.
Guess number, one guess
Guess number, one game
Guess number, multiple games
Check back!
Assignments to turn in:
Quiz #2
As you do the JavaScript, you are welcome to find examples on the web. However, if you are using something that I have not covered, I want you to include an explanation of what you found and used or changed.
Assignment use one or more functions in each (extra credit if you successfully use the return from the function):
#1 Using JavaScript: I want you to set up a form where you can enter at item number, a price and quantity bought for 4 different items and I want you to calculate and show the total amount owed.
#2 Using JavaScript: I want you to either use a form or prompts to take in the following information: amount owed, credit status, months to pay. If the credit status is A then you add 5% of the amount owed to the amount owed for interest, if the credit code is anything else then you add 7% of the amount owed to the amount owed for interest. Now divide by the months to pay to figure out what has to be paid each month and display that amount on the screen.
Week #10
Week of April 4th
Remember, I will not be on campus this week - highlights are available on the Smartboard and audio. Please look at the first 11 examples under JavaScript Introductory Examples embedded in XHTML. If you have questions email me or remember them for next week.
Assignments to turn in:
The assignment this week includes some code I have written that I want you to work with and analyze according to the questions in the zipped file that contain the assignment. If you have questions, contact me.
Week #9
Week of March 28th
I am willing to stay and help on Tuesday (from 2 to 7 or 8), however, you need to let me know if you plan to come because if very few are coming I will not stay as late.
This is a hybrid course, the week of April 4th will be online classes, I will not be on campus for classes.
Please remember if I send something back with comments and no grade you need to fix and resubmit.
Also please remember the audio versions of the lecture and the accompanying Smartboard. If something is confusing, give them a try.
This week my CIS120 class at 11:00 will have a guest speaker on Thursday from Meditech who will talk about some of the careers available in his company. You are welcome to attend - I have no idea how seating will hold up but there is definitely standing room.
This week we will continue with JavaScript.
Assignments to turn in:
Sorry, I posted this and something went wrong, so here it is again (I hope!)
Write a page or pages that include the following JavaScript:
Problem #1: Use 4 different events (use one that I did not talk about much or at all).
Problem #2: Code a simple if with one else and have multiple things done if true and multiple things if not true.
Problem #3: Use a nested if (an if within an if).
Problem #4: Use two different kinds of loops.
Week #8
Week of March 21st
I am willing to stay and help on Thursday (from 2 to 7 or 8), however, you need to let me know if you plan to come because if very few are coming I will not stay as late.
This is a hybrid course and on April 4th we will probably not meet in the classroom - material will be available on line.
This week we will be starting with JavaScript. We will go back and do some more CSS a little later, but now I want to get started with JavaScript. We will essentially be working on both of these through the end of the semester.
Check these CSS references:
CSS reference - first
CSS reference - second
CSS reference - third
CSS reference - fourth
CSS reference - fifth
CSS reference - sixth
CSS reference - seventh
CSS reference - eighth
CSS reference - ninth
CSS reference - tenth
Visual example on CSS positioning:
Interest CSS positioning experiment
Other recommendations from classes:
CSS reference
CSS reference
Assignments to turn in:
Find a template on line for a two column page and a three column page. Modify the template to put up a page where the information comes from you. Be sure to tell me the templates you used.
JavaScript Quiz 1 We will work on in class
JavaScript problems
Spring Break The BCC email will be a problem over break - I have been sending out a lot of emails - trying to get caught up. I am using the email you use, if you have another email that you would rather have me use this week, please send it to me.
Week #7
Week of March 7h
Let's get caught up over break - I am behind and some of you are behind, so...
Please check out this site, we will spend some time discussing it in class.
Selectutorials on CSS
This week we are going to look at a little more CSS including how to set up columns - a fairly basic approach.
Two columns
Two columns (another)
Three columns
Three columns (with header)
Three columns (header and footer)
Refering to setting up a web site, please read these three articles:
Assignments to turn in:
CSS assignment to experiment with
CSS Assignment
First project now assigned: First web project Note that a working web site is required for this course. You cannot pass the course if you do not have a working website written using XHTML and CSS. I would like the project by mid April.
Week #6
Week of February 28th
This week on Thursday I will be in the K101 lab from 9:30 until around 3:00 to help with homework and problems.
I have cancelled my classes for that day, so students from all my classes should come to the lab any time and for as long as they can if they want help.
This week we are going to finish up the basics of XHTML and spend some time looking at CSS because next week I will assign your major web project for the semester.
Some articles I would like you to read on paths since there seems to be a lot of questions:
Article on relative and absolute paths
About paths
We will talk a little about what makes a good site: A starting point for thought and discussion
Articles on what makes a good website that I have come across recently. Please find a few you like and put them on delicious.
Good website
Developing site
What makes a good web site
Assignments to turn in:
Forms and maps
Please do not use pre in your assignment. Try to go beyond the assignment and get creative with some of the things you are learning.
Check back!
Week #5
Week of February 21st
This week we will look at frames and mapping definitely and we may also look at forms and iframes. Check back and see how we are doing! I strongly suggest you look at my examples and check out the presentations and see if you find them helpful.
Please make sure you look at these examples on embedded lists:
Embedded lists HTML
Embedded list example XHTML
embeddedlists5.html (HTML5 embedded lists) - passed
nestedlist5.html (HTML5 embedded lists) - validation problems
We are going to do some experimenting in class and we will be working on some of the things listed under assignments.
Assignments to turn in:
CSS and tables problem
Maps and frames
Tables, Images and Frames assignment
Week #4
Week of February 14th
Note also something I have been meaning to tell you and keep forgetting, you can get rid of the warning when you validate something stored on the BCC server by changing the top XML line to set encoding="utf-8".
This week we will look at tables and images and see how much futher we get.
Assignments to turn in:
Change the style so it uses CSS
Basic exercise in CSS
Style (CSS) and links assignment
Week #3
Week of February 7th
I am sending out usernames and passwords, we will discuss how to use them this week.
This week we will start the basics of CSS - we may get further.
I have had some questions about how to take pictures of screens. The answer can be found at PrintScreen
Finish looking at the examples under XHTML -Intro and look at the second PowerPoint presentation.
Look at the examples under XHTML and then under the category CSS and formatting and look at the third PowerPoint presentation.
Be sure you note what validates and what does not validate as you experiment and try validating with strict and with transitional. You should read something about the difference between strict and transitional validating. Validating issues will continue to haunt us! Post a site about it on delicious!
Note that I have not updated the PowerPoint to include the 4 lines of code at the top. I have updated most of the examples. I also comment on validation when I give you the list of examples.
WINSCP information:
Here is information about using cisweb at BCC
Talks more specifically about portfolio
Here is some information on CSS:
CSS Intro
This is not an assignment to pass in it is just something that might be helpful to understanding
Assignments to turn in:
XHTML pages We will start this in class. Please pass in via email next week - should pass in the .html version or you can send me a link if you load it to your site.
Check back to see where we are and where we got to.
Week #2
Week of January 31th
This is the first week of classes for this course. I am sticking with the calendar, so I am calling it week #2, but...
Look at the examples under XHTML - Getting started at: XHTML samples.
Also look at the first PowerPoint that explains the examples. It is located at XHTML presentations.
Note that these sites can be reached by clicking on XHTML sample code and Presentations (XHTML) under Site Resources on the left side of the CIS122/44 home page.
Next you should look at the first 6 examples under XHTML intro. In addition you should start to look at the second PowerPoint that explains the introduction samples. You only need to go through the PowerPoint to see the explaination for the first 6 examples.
We may go further than this, you can check back after the class and see where we got to.
You should familiarize yourself with the site so you can locate information.
In the assignment I gave you two lines of code to put at the beginning of your XHTML code, a more complete version of this is explained below.
These four lines of code which I usually cover a little later in the semester will help you get a clean validation: Code with first 4 lines of XHTML
View the source and use the first four lines at the top of your XHTML for good validation. Remember, the fourth line includes html.
Here is information about using cisweb at BCC
I think everyone should have received a user name or password they can use with cisweb. If you do not have one, please let be know.
I will post the audio and Smartboard on Tuesday (worse case Wednesday).
Assignments to turn in:
Although assignments are frequently posted at the beginning of the week, some of the assignments cannot be done until you have covered all the material in the posting, so after the class.
Survey of past experience - must be completed by all students
Notice that there is a class delicious site. I want you to post the addresses of the articles you think are useful in the design and development of web sites on the delicious site to help your classmates. There will be a grade for particpation with the delicious site. First XHTML assignment
For extra credit you can work on validating the code using the W3C validator and for a second extra credit you can load it to the server and send me the address once I get you the login information.
W3C validator
Don't forget to change the encoding to Western Europe if you do not use the first four lines of XHTML code I referred to above.
Please note: I will send emails to your BCC account, please be sure to check!
Check back several times, I sometimes add something after the class, so you should check out the schedule as the week progresses! Depending on where we get, I may add something to the first assignment.
Week #1
Week of January 24th
Your class really does not start until next week. Check back!
I sent you an email about delicious and about blogger that I would like you to experiment with. If you did not get it, please email me and let me know. Also let me know if you have any questions. The delicious site is working now, we will take a look at it on Monday. You should familiarize yourself with the site so you can locate information. Please take a look at some of the beginning examples of HTML and XHTML, that is what I will be starting with on Monday.


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