Programming: Logic, Design and Implementation (CIS120/17)

Weekly Schedule

Your final is due Tuesday, August 16th. Your final has been sent to you, and is due back in a week (Aug 16th). Work may be passed in through August 22nd

Schedule by session Information to cover
Please note that the first assignment is at the bottom of the list posted here. You should do the work in order! I may add to the weekly schedule during the course of the week, so please check back multiple times. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Unit #15 We are going to deal with files this unit looking at sequential and random and we will also deal with maintenance.
There is no required assignment, but there are two extra credit assignments.
Here are the PowerPoint presentations that deal with sequential processing and random processing.
Presentation on sequential update processing
    Separate speaker notes
Sequential processing Extra credit.
Presentation on random update processing
    Separate speaker notes
Random processing Extra credit
Extra Credit:You can do both of the sheets labeled extra credit for one set of extra credit points if they are correct.
The final will be available one week before the due day, Tuesday, August 9th.
Unit #14 This is the last required assignment to pass in. Unit #15 has some reading, an extra credit and I will post the final as well.
We are going to do some more with Visual Basic and databases.
Sorry this went up in pieces, I am having upload problems. Set this database up in Access and do the queries listed below:
  • List the employee number, employee name, salary, department number and department name
  • List the employee number, employee name, and project number for all the projects the employee is working on
  • Redo the query above and include the name of the project
  • List the employee number, employee name, department number, department name, project number, project name with the date and hours worked on the project
  • List the employee number, employee name, department number and department name for employees who work in a particular department and make over a certain salary.
  • Redo the one above for employees that work in a particular department and either make over a particular salary or have other deductions withheld greater than a certain amount
  • Unit #13 We will talk about arrays this week so be sure you have read chapter #6. I would also like you to read chapter #7 on file handling. Next week I will ask you to read chapter #14 on relational databases.
    We will continue with Visual Basic this week. Check back to see where we are.
    Visual Basic programming assignment #2
    Quiz #8
    Unit #12 This unit we are going to start working on Visual Basic. We are going to use VB 6 in class, you can use other versions if you have a different version at home. Note that VB can be downloaded using your MSDN account.
    To see how things work in both languages, I want you to do the first JavaScript assignment using Visual Basic. A note: In VB you can use Val where you would use parseInt or parseFloat in JavaScript.
    First JavaScript assignment that I want you to now do in Visual Basic
    Unit #11 I would like you to look at the last Alice balls bouncing example. Anyone who sends me an explanation of how it works and does something similiar will get extra credit. Remember we will start VB next unit so please work on getting a download if you want it from MSDN.
    Please read the chapter on object-oriented programming this week (chapter #10). What I want you to get out of the chapter is a basic understanding of what object-oriented programming is and the key vocabulary such as objects, classes, methods, instances, attribute etc.
    We will start working with Alice this unit. Please download the ballsbounce examples at my website under examples and Alice. Also look at my Powerpoint on Alice if you want more information.
    We will start Visual Basic next. I am going to be looking at Visual Basic 6 which is an old version of VB but one that is easier to learn and meets my goals well. You can download it through MSDN.
    Will someone please confirm that version 6 is still available - I do not have Access to MSDN. Note it was down near the bottom of the list last semester.
    Alice Assignment: I want you to write a program using the following: objects, methods, a loop and a loop with the complicated feature, a while loop, an if/else and an if/else with an embedded if/else. I want you to do a startup/housekeeping/initialize method, a process method that handles other methods associated with objects that you write and a wrapup method. Look at my examples (zipped copies of the programs), PowerPoints on ballsbounce and Smartboard/audio to help with this assignment!
    For extra credit include the concepts in the balls bounce generic example in the zipped programs.
    Soft Skills Paper
    Note, I have asked you to do seven soft skills. If you do more you will get extra credit and the amount of extra credit depends on how many extra soft skills you write about.
    Unit #10 This unit we will look first at computer codes with our focus on ASCII.
    Chart of ASCII codes
    Interesting information on ASCII
    We are going to start to look at StarLogo. You will find a presentation under presentations and you will find a list of StarLogo commands under notes. Information about LOGO procedures is also available under notes. Information about LOGO
    I have added a Smartboard and Audio on StarLogo.
    If you do not want to work in the labs, you will need to download and install a version of StarLogo which is available at: StarLogo
    Please look at the PowerPoint on LOGO and the handout on LOGO procedures.
    ASCII assignment
    LOGO assignment:Logo assignmentWhen you send me the LOGO, you should also send me a text file with the code you used to direct the turtle copied and pasted into the text file.
    Unit #9 Please remember the audio versions of the lecture and the accompanying Smartboard. If something is confusing, give them a try. They are available from Spring 2011 and Fall 2010.
    This unit, you should start to research numbering systems.
    Numbering systems and code
    This handout covers binary and hex well, but it was written over 20 years ago and the code information is historical. We will look at 8-bit ASCII code in class.
    In the binary/hex assignment you have to pass in the work. You can give that to me on paper or you can scan it. You should also send me the answers via email. Without the work, the max grade is D.
    Binary/hex assignment
    Unit #8 I strongly suggest you use the audio and Smartboard for the time in week #8 where I covered this material last semester.
    We are going to continue to look at JavaScript this week - we will be looking at the examples listed under unit #7 and continuing on. We looked at the loop examples (Math facts), the Problem 1 and 2 in JavaScript and the guess game. All of these are under Programs/JavaScript.
    Quiz #7
    For the JavaScript Assignment #2 below, you also need to do either a flowchart or pseudocode for the problems.
    JavaScript Assignment #2
    Unit #7 When you finish this, you are approximately at the half point, so you need to schedule yourself so you can finish.
    Please read chapter #5 in the text and then move on to chapter #6.
    We will start to look at JavaScript this week. The first examples we will look at are the examples at my site. I want you to look at them using Firefox.
    Next, we will look at these examples:
    Some more JavaScript examples we are going to look at (relate these to the examples on the IF PowerPoint from week #4):
    First JavaScript assignment
    Quiz #6
    Unit #6 I want you to focus on logic and the structure of a program this unit. Note I will be sending out an introduction to a graduate of BCC CIS who has agreed to mentor you during this course.
    Quiz #5
    Logic assignment We will be worked on the Logic Assignment in the PowerPoint in class for in class students - required for all students. In this assignment, you should play computer and step through the logic and create the report as you go. This assignment should NOT be done using Access. I would suggest you write the answers in word.
    Career and mentor paper: I want you to write a paper about careers in the computer field. There should be two parts to the paper:
    The first part should be an interview with your mentor about the work he or she does in the computing field or if your mentor is continuing studies in computing, ask about the degree program he or she is in and what they would like to do when they complete their studies. Your paper should contain information about your mentor's job or degree program with several quotes from your mentor.
    The second part should be researching a career that interests you and writing about what the job involves and the skills that are needed.
    The paper should include notes citing your sources (I would estimate that you need at least a couple of pages to cover the goals well).
    In addition, send me a list of the questions you asked your mentor.
    The paper is after the third week in July.
    Unit #5 You now have one third of the units loaded, again please plan your time so it works for you!
    Please read chapter #4 in the text.
    Please look at this PowerPoint:
    Presentation on structure (focus on loops)
        Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation structure (focus on loops)
    Practice exercise: Practice exercise
    Practice continued I strongly suggest that you look at the Smartboard for these practice exercises.
    Quiz #4
    Please note that the quizzes/tests below are not in the same category as the quick quiz like Quiz #4 above. These quizzes are more like an assignment or test. They are individual projects so work on them alone. You should not ask for help with the answers, you may ask for help from me if you do not undertand the problem.
    Logic (word format)
    Please submit the quiz answers on the answer sheet (it is given below in html and word):
    Answer sheet (html version)
    Answer sheet (doc or word version)
    Unit #4 If you are confused or lost, please be sure to me for help.
    Please read chapter #3 in Programming Logic and Design.
    Now that you have your login information for cisweb (I hope), you need to upload your portfolio to cisweb and send me the address.
    Be sure to look at the handouts under unit #3 to help you figure out what the address should be.
    It is the or
    Looking at logic structues:
    Presentation on logical if structures
        Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
    IF in class practice
    Quiz #3
    Group Assignment:Second group assignment, use the same groups. If you disagree with the results the group decides on, you can submit your individual answer as well, however as a courtesy you should let your group know you are doing it.
    Access SQL assignment (document version)
    Access SQL assignment (html version)
    Access SQL answer sheet
    Books database with SQL 2007 version
    Books database with SQL 2003 version
    SQL code (document version)This is a copy of the SQL code in case it gets messed up
    Check back as always!
    Unit #3 You should have received an invitation for an MSDN account at your BCC email. I believe it includes ELMS in the subject or from. You can use this to get a copy of Access 2007.
    There is information at my site about getting started in Access2007. I strongly recommend looking at the Smartboard and there is also a PowerPoint. Let me know if you have questions.
    Remember to look on my home page under MySchedule to see when I am available on campus.
    You should, work on getting pages up on the web and also start reading the text. I would like you to read chapter #1 and also start into chapter #2. Please read the WINSCP and cisweb information: (note that in my examples I use as the host, we are now using as the host although the old one is still supported). Here is information about using cisweb and WINSCP at BCC
    Talks more specifically about portfolio
    If you want to download WINSCP at home, you can find it at this address.
    Access database example in class - with a few changes to save each query separately
    We will be working on a group project in Access. I will put you into an email group and you will have to come up with a group solution via email.
    Quiz #2: Please paste your answers into an email.
    Second Quiz
    Group project:
    Note: On the flowcharts in the assignment, sometimes the word Technology is cut off and you see Course instead of Course Technology.
    Group DB assignment
    Group DB assignment (html version)
    Answer sheet for group project
    Book Database to use in answering questions (Access 2007)
    Book Database to use in answering questions (Access 2003)
    I have sent an email to everyone assigning them to a group for this project. The email was sent to your BCC account. If you did not get an email assigning you to a group, you need to contact me.
    Access assignment: (individual project)
    Database assignment
    Unit #2 This unit we are going to look some more at HTML and the beginnings of setting up a portfolio. I am waiting to get your logins to our server because I want to put the portfolio up on the web. But, you can start working on the portfolio while we wait for the logins.
    HTML notes at my site
    A good reference for HTML and for CSS is HTML and CSS help
    I will post a quiz asking some questions about HTML, you should do all quizzes independently.
    We will return to HTML after I get your passwords, hopefully next week.
    In the meantime, we have moved on to the next topic which is to design and develop a database using Access.
    You should go to my site and under Presentations you will find this PowerPoint. You should unzip it and look at it for help.
    Zipped version of Access 2007 Introduction
    You should also be sure to look at the Smartboard notes and listen to the audio if you are not in class or you are not clear on how to develop a database table and queries.
    Please read chapter #1 in the text book.
    Quiz #1: Due this week (if you do not have the book you can pass it in next week. Please paste your answers into an email.
    First Quiz
    First assignment:
    I want you to put up on the web the beginnings of a portfolio written in HTML. If you are new to HTML, you are welcome to use my templates as a starting point. They are under examples at the web site. However, if you turn in something that has used my templates with very little modification, your highest grade in the assignment is a C. To get a higher grade I need to see a little more creativity in the design. If you are comfortable with HTML or would like to learn more about it, please work to make an interesting and professional site. All sites should be prepared with the idea that a future employer will be looking at it and evaluating you in part based on its content. You need to put up two pages. The first page must link to the second page. At this point the second page can just say something about it being an index to work etc. The second page does not have to have any working links except a link back to the first page.
    Second assignment:
    Access Database Assignment
    Note: Assignments are not due until the week after they are assigned. You are welcome to pass them in early. I hope I will have your login information by next week, if I don't, I will modify the date for the portfolio assignment.
    Challenge question for extra credit. This is a logic question, explain a possible solution.
    You are upstairs in your study. There is a on/off light switch that controls a light downstairs in the living room (you cannot see the living room from your study). It is possible the connection has been broken. You want to test it. How do you set the light switch so you can go downstairs and find out if the connection is working?
    Now lets say there are two on/off light switches on the wall in your study. You do not know which one controls the light in the living room. How should you set the light switches so you can go downstairs, look at the lamp and know which switch controlled it. Now, lets say there are three on/off light switches in your study. One of them controls the light down in the living room. How can you work with the light switches so that when you make a single trip downstairs you will know which switch controls the light in the living room.
    Unit #1 There are 15 units posted in the summer and I will post the same number of units during the summer. That means that you will have to pace yourself to do more than one unit some weeks to get through the material. I would like to give you flexibility, so I will post a few units in the next week so you can work at a pace that matches your schedule. Please note in the text of the information I will end up using unit and week interchangeably. Please note that you will find the Smartboard notes and audio for the lectures given last year and I would suggest you access them. I do the summer course pretty much the same way I did the spring semester.
    Please read chapter #1 in Programming Logic and Design. If you can't get the book, next week is fine. The first topics do not rely on the book. We will start to look at the material in the text next unit.
    We will be starting looking at the Access Database next unit.
    For students who need Access, it is available through the MSDN Alliance. Click on this link to get information: MSDN Alliance Software
    You will receive an invitation from the college to the MSDN alliance, it will go to your BCC account.
    I leave up the Smartboard Notes and audio lectures from previous semesters since much of the material is the same. You should look up Smartboard presentations on topics that you want to go over.
    I record most of the classes where I deliver a lecture so you should always assume that the class is being recorded. If you want to know, just ask!
    This unit we are going to start looking at HTML and start to develop the basics of a portfolio.
    I am going to start looking at the HTML examples under examples. If you know HTML, you can elaborate on the basics I will present. If you are new to HTML, then we will start out with the basics.
    I did put up a Smartboard presentation that goes over some of the examples last semester. If you go to my website for this course and go in under examples you will find the examples that I discuss: they are CSSlist.html, CSSimage.html, CSStable.html.
    Skip anotherpage.html, it was generated through Word. The Smartboard presentation is under SmartBoard presentations.

    HTML notes at my site
    Note: Assignments are not due until the week after they are assigned. You are welcome to pass them in early.
    We will be looking at soft skills later in the semester and as a foundation for that, I want you to take this survey:
    Your assignment for this week
    HTML page to introduce yourself


    Send e-mail to Priscilla Grocer (if you have or are taking a course, use the email you were given for the class):

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