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Remember RE-SUBMIT. If you get back a homework with errors and without a grade it means it has not been graded - you need to fix and resubmit to get a grade. Remember, all assignments including inclass assignments must be done by everyone - that includes online students and students who missed the class..

Week Information
Schedule Session Assignments due in the week after the assignment is given unless otherwise stated.
Note that the audio and Smartboard presentations for each class are posted within a couple of days.
I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Inclass exercises are still assignments and must be done by everyone if they appear under assignments.
Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Week #8
Week of March 19th
This week we will continue with JavaScript mixing in some CSS from Week #7. We did not get back to the CSS. Slowly start going over the examples in week #7. We focused on if statements in JavaScript.
Assignments to turn in:
JavaScript if coding assignment
Check back!
Week #7
Week of March 5th
Please check out this site:
Selectutorials on CSS
CSS tests to go with Selecttutorial:
Style descendants
Style child
Style more
CSS tests to go with Selecttutorials
We will talk a little about what makes a good site: A starting point for thought and discussion
Here is some more CSS including how to set up columns - a fairly basic approach.
Two columns
Two columns (another)
Three columns
Three columns (with header)
Three columns (header and footer)
I want you to look at the pages entitled position1.html, position2.html, Center one column page and center two column page because these really are hard to show in class.
Center one column page
Center two column page
Some free books you might find interesting:
We may not get to all the CSS this week because I want to leave time to start JavaScript. But I would like you to look at it and we will pick up the week after vacation.
Assignments to turn in:
First project now assigned: First web project Note that a working web site is required for this course. You cannot pass the course if you do not have a working website written using HTML5 and CSS. I would like the project by mid April.
CSS and JavaScript assignment
Check back!
Week #6
Week of February 26th
Dave is available for help but he needs you to contact him and set up a time. His email is He can be available Wed after 4 and some other times that you can discuss.
We will spend some time doing catch up and then move on to more CSS.
We will start with the CSS examples at my site. You should check these CSS references that will hopefully help when you start incorporating a lot of CSS into your HTML pages:
W3Schools CSS
CSS tutorial
Beginning CSS
More on CSS
CSS reference - examples
CSS reference - older examples 2005ish
CSS reference - code for a variety of looks
CSS reference - basic
CSS reference - interesting examples
Interest CSS positioning experiment
Reference - recommended by previous class
Wide variety of references
Another wide variety of references
Assignments to turn in:
Check back!
Week #5
Week of February 19th
Note that Dave will be available for help in K118 from 4 to 6:30 and Lindsey is actually going to be helping CIS120 right after out class and probably will have some time to answer questions for you as well.
This week we are going to work on mapping, iframes, frames (in XHTML) and forms. This will finish off the basics of HTML.
Mapping presentation Help with the mapping assignment below.
Image I used to map
Frames Help with the frames assignment below.
I strongly suggest you look at the Smartboard notes from last fall and listen to the accompanying audio from last fall.
Tables, images and mapping in PDF format (9/25/17) Accompanying audio
Table, images and mapping continued in PDF format (9/25/17 second part) Accompanying audio
Mapping, frames, iframes, forms and CSS in PDF format (10/2/17) Accompanying audio
Tables, images and mapping (9/25/17) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
Mapping, frames, iframes, forms and CSS (10/2/17) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
Assignments to turn in:
Exercise: First: I want you to work on circle, rectangle and polygon. I want you to download an image - you can use something from my site or find something yourself. Once you have downloaded and sized it to the size you want to work with, I want you to map the image. The mapping should send control to an area within your page so we can keep this local. I want a minimum of three different mappings.
Second: I want you to experiment with frames.Try a nested frame with one row on the top and one row on the bottom and the bottom one divided into 3 columns.
You will need to work with iframes and forms in the Syllabus assignment and mapping as well.
Syllabus Assignment The page should be written in HTML5. All style should be done with CSS. Include an iframe, a mapped image and a form on the page. Validate your work (both HTML5 and CSS). Please do not use pre.
Week #4
Week of February 12th
Dave will be available for help in K118 from 4 to 6:30 on Wednesday.
I am out with the flu on the 12th of Feb.
I am uploading information so that we can go through tables and images
These notes cover the examples of tables and images that are on line at my site under HTML5 sample code:
Table examples explained
Image examples explained
If you go to audio and to Smartboard for last year you will find lectures of the recordings and Smartboard notes.
Notice that these also cover mapping - I am leaving that for next week.
Tables, images and mapping in PDF format (9/25/17) Accompanying audio
Table, images and mapping continued in PDF format (9/25/17 second part) Accompanying audio
Tables, images and mapping (9/25/17) Accompanying Smartboard presentation
This is Enrollment Verification week and I have to verify you are in the class. If you have not passed in work or the email a week verifying you are in the class, then you need to contact me now to make sure you are not withdrawn from the class.
Uploading to the Web: We got to this last week - earlier than usual. So here are notes on using cisweb.
In my notes I talk about Things have changed and you should now use Please note that we now prefer instead of
We will look at login to cisweb this week so check the notes on the Smartboard and the accompanying audio as well as the notes below.
To load things up on the Internet, we use WINSCP. Please read the WINSCP and cisweb information: (note that in my examples I use as the host, we are now using as the host although the old one is still supported).
Here is information about using cisweb and WINSCP at BCC
Talks more specifically about portfolio We will be looking at making a portfolio later in the semester.
If you want to download WINSCP at home, you can find it at this address.
We will start looking at tables and then images and then we will see how far we get. Maybe mapping.
Please look at these examples of embedded lists:
Embedded lists HTML
Embedded list example XHTML
embeddedlists5.html (embedded lists) - passed
Assignments to turn in:
Exercise we will do in class if you are there, but I want everyone to do it for the practice. The Smartboard and Audio will help if you are doing it at home. After we look at images, I want you to go back and add an image to the page and center it.
Assignment on tables, images Note that I decided to make the XHTML copy something you are not required to do but can do for extra credit.
Week #3
Week of February 5th
I am available Mon at 10 in K112 and I will be available for a while on Tues and Thurs at 2 in K101 - let me know if you are coming for help.
If you need help with something, now would be the time to ask your questions!
The goal this week is to look at CSS(style) - Intro, Links and start Tables. These are all under HTML5/HTML5 sample code. We will also look over at some of XHTML, but our focus is on HTML5.
Some notes that I did a while back because of snow days:
introCSSandHTML.pdf Introduction to CSS embedded in HTML
introlinks.pdf Introduction to links
We will also look at uploading to cisweb.
Assignments to turn in:
Note that inclass exercises must be turned in by everyone in the class whether you are inclass or online.
In class CSS exercise
In class link exercise
CSS, link and table assignment Be sure you get this assignment to validate
Check back!
Week #2
Week of January 29th
I will be available for help Monday at 10:00. At 2:00 Tuesday and Thursday there will be a help lab in K101 (we hope - may have to find a different room) with Lindsey (my SI and tutor).
I need to reschedule my Tuesday office hours - I will be available later Tuesday afternoon and Thursday at 2.
This semester we will cover HTML, CSS and Javascript/JavaScript. In looking at HTML, we will focus on HTML5 but spend time on XHTML as well. We will start to add CSS3 features to our CSS and then we will look at adding the power of JavaScript (including DOM)to our web pages.
Just to be sure you are comfortable with the various ways of searching the web, I would like you to look at the information at this site.
Searching effectively
Search ideas
Search Engine Watch
Beginners Guide to SEO
Please browse my website and become familiar with what is there.
Since we will be looking at both HTML5 and a little bit at XHTML, I am giving you a basic example of of both styles:
Code for a basic example of HTML5 Note that a lot of pages are now including the language in the html tag. So they would write <html lang="en">
Code for a basic example of XHTML
I want you to look at HTML5 sample code and then go to the examples underHTML5 - intro. You can also look at getting started under XHTML. There are presentations to accompany XHTML. Because I do the Smartboard, I have stopped doing the presentations and focused on the Smartboard explanations.
We will also look at validation in HTML5. The validator is located at W3. If you validate by File Upload and browse to find your file and then click on check, the validator will give you feedback.
Assignments to turn in:
Please browse my website and become familiar with what is there.
Survey of past experience - must be completed by all students
First Assignment using HTML5
Check back!
Week #1
Week of January 22
Because classes start on Tuesday, January 23rd your first class will be on Monday, January 29th. There is no required book for this course, but you might find it helpful to look up some resources and tutorials on HTML5 and CSS as well as JavaScript (later in the course) because we will start to look at using HTML in its various versions when we start the course. Please do not change any of the passwords we have given you. I need to be able to get to your site as does the IT staff if there is a problem.

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